Super Smash Bros. General - Patience and Spacing....or Whine and Moan


Lol… Stop.


this guy doesn’t even know the bullshit of his own character


Sonic needs back throw. Give me the 1.0 backthrow please.


No, YOU don’t. You constantly exaggerate and overestimate a character’s abilities. Every other day, there’s a new “polarizing” character that needs to be nerfed.


On another note, this isn’t “new” or anything, but it’s just more reason to make sure you don’t miss a tech against Yoshi:

Found out about f-air jab-locking on complete accident last time I fought @owattjacob.


i’ve said the same 3 characters for a few months. ZSS, rosalina, and sheik. the best characters. most polarizing, etc. same characters for 3 months so no, it’s not a new character a day.

her reward compared to other characters is absurd. the fact she’s crazy mobile, a crazy combo game, and crazy KO power (maybe the best KO power in the game) is absurd when you look at some characters like DHD, zelda, and even palutena.

she actually gets more reward from a stray hit than sheik. she basically destroys any zoning character. Her up b KOs crazy low and links from up air (which is a crazy good move)



Lmao… This guy… What happened to Ryu and how polarizing you said he was? ZSS has the best KO power? You’re comparing her to Zelda and Palutena to prove your point?

Here’s what I need you to do: Play ZSS for a week. After that, let me know what you think.


It’s not complaining. You guys take everything seeningly negative and make it seem like a complaint.

Zss has a crazy punish game. The fact that any stray hit could lead to death is absurdly good. No other character has it as well as zss does.


I tend to agree a lot with mood. Except ryus punish game is also really good. I agree with moods opinions on ryu, yoshi, Marth, lucas, zss, and shiek. I don’t really see how his points constitute complaining. You guys just out on a witch hunt now.


ZSS needs no buffs and no nerfs. Period.


Game Awards are over, so rumor officially debunked


If capcom was behind the balance of smash, sheik and zss would be trash by now lol


If NRS was behind it, they’d be top then bottom then top then bottom then completely overshadowed by new DLC


Im surprised u see ZSS as more dangerous than sheik. @Mood4food77 Sheik DESTROYS bowser. Like 0-100 matchup in sheiks favor.

I do see what mood is saying. ZSS really has crazy setups, KO Power and spikes. I wouldnt get mad at a slight nerf to the knockback in her down B when you dont spike. But she is difficult to use. No nerfs needed.

Even still, phantom you havent tapped into her full potential, not even 1/4 of her potential. Shes really good. Mood might be odeein, but u might be underestimating her


I know everything my character can do. Whether or not I’m actually able to play her at that level is irrelevant. I’ve been playing with her and researching her since Day 1 Smash 3DS. You and Mood think she’s better than she is because your lack of experience with the character (both with and against) makes you focus on her strengths and not her weaknesses. She’s one of the best characters in the game. Top 5 easy, arguably top 2/3. However, she’s the most balanced of the top tier characters. She’s in a perfect spot where the risk/reward for her best moves are almost 50/50. She’s not in need of any nerfs or buffs, and it’s fair for her to be where she is.


she is definitely not the most balanced of the top tiers. i’m still trying to find a weakness for the character. her approach is semi lacking


Her weakness is SUPER MARIO!



Like I said, play her yourself. That’s by far the easiest way to figure out a character’s weaknesses.


I told mood in the Irc, shes a super technical character. In no way easy to play, you have to be precise with a lot her moves. It might be me just sucking, but I have to time her nairs very carefully or ill miss and get punish for it. Like Roknin mentioned her Uair strings arent as easy to pull as they look. You have to learn to integrate pivot grabs into your game to mix up your opponent. One whiffed grab and you can face certain death. You cant rush in like Sheik does, with her. She has a very great punish game, but it goes back to her technical side and where you have to bait out the opponent.

She has great kill set ups, and ways to kill, there just a little hard to pull off. Uair kills at around 90% in low stage ceailings, her Bair is a great punish tool, and her stomp is amazing but it has to be set up.Again she might seem bonkers, but this bitch takes skill to play and wont be netting you easy wins, unless your opponent is an idiot!