Super Smash Bros. General - Patience and Spacing....or Whine and Moan


Wii Fit Lady is hilarious, Mega Man is AMAZING, Snake probably won’t come back ever, Samus’s look and official picture are… well sucky compared to her past appearances.

Bring on Sonic!


Ah dang it, looks like I have to buy a WiiU too…

Mayn, if I was in Smash I’d Mario and I’d give WiiFit Girl a 1Up with my mushroom tip and let her bounce on my Yoshi… NAAAM SAAAYYAAAN!!>???


Wii Fit Girl… would you smash?

I’m so sorry. I’m really really sorry.


IIRC didn’t Sakurai say in the direct that each day of the week he’s going to be posting a picture from his desk? I’m watching the vid again to make sure. Yeah…He’s going to be posting a picture 5 days a week on miiverse. Oh man…he’s gonna troll the hell out of us.


Is there any way to use a gamecube controller on Wii-U?
Also wheres my Luigi


No you can’t use a GC controller on Wii U. I’d suggest getting aquainted with a Wii U pro controller. Either that or the classic controller pro.


Villager gonna be OP:


Time for some wishlists.



Work that magic Nintendo!


It looks like you can as long as this game has classic controller support.


Really hype for Smash on my 3DS.


Still looks a bit floaty, but on the flipside I didn’t see any tripping and looks like there’s more hitstun overall.

Looking forward to more vids. :smiley:


I stand corrected…


Megaman a zoning character in smash.


sorry no stalling.

Anyway any news on tripping. Is Sakurai out of touch and wants to add it again? We will see.



I’m hoping Klonoa makes it into the game. It’d be a nice opportunity for the character to get some more exposure, especially since Namco is helping with development.

Still a very slim chance, but it’s a chance nonetheless.

Also, from the first trailer it looks like Link’s spin attack has it’s Melee kill potential back. :smiley: (Good thing too, it’s practically useless in Brawl…)


Breathe of fresh air. already considering purchase.


I vote to call it Super Smash Bros: smackdown, that or super DUPER smash bros.


I’m cautious but eager to be proven wrong on my misgivings. What I’m hoping will happen is that Sakurai’s general vision for Smash remains intact (and it appears to be), but in addition to that, Namco-Bandai has enough sway that we get a Smash game that is easily toggled to be a great competitive experience. Basically something where everyone gets what they want; party game on default rules, painless transition to competition settings with just a few menu options and few to no ‘house rules’ necessary.

“Competition settings” can easily include items if we move to a skill-based system for bringing them into play and getting rid of the more abusive aspects of them in prior games. Likewise, stage variety is plausible if they tweak a few things about how the terrain works. Injustice has shown we’re willing to consider these things in a tournament fighter, we just need them to be laid out in a way that rewards planning and accounts for the fact that if something is abusable (such as planking, some wall combos, etc.), we’ll run with it; they need to be wary of these things during QA.

That said, while we’re roster wishlisting… I toss my support behind Lyn (Fire Emblem), Little Mac, more Fire Emblem in general especially those not using swords (shout-outs to polearms, mounted combat, and magic!), and Super Macho Man. I don’t expect all of them to get in, but if even one or two of my wishes happen I’ll be delighted.

Edit: Oh, and no tripping. That garbage needs to go.


Lyn is on my Wishlist as well.


Speaking of FE…

Please her Sakurai.