Super Smash Bros. Melee 2

**Next Nintendo generation console this game needs to come out.

Not a new Brawl or anything as crappy as that game is. (It’s not really crappy just compared to Melee it is.)

How awesome would it be to have a Super Smash Bros. Melee Sequel?**

We do, it’s called Brawl.

Honestly, I like the direction of Smash. No need to go back to Melee which is far and beyond exaggerated to how good it was.

If Nintendo decided to branch the series off into a Brawl-based and Melee-based line of games, that would be excellent. That’s almost certainly not going to happen, unless there are some ideological changes within the company.

Would it be awesome if Santa Clause got on your roof and crapped gold bars down your chimney? Hell yeah? Will it happen? Is there any reason to discuss it? Not really.

My sentiments exactly

Here’s how things go on srk, op.
If it agrees with the peanut gallery’s thoughts, it’s the most awesome thing ever, ever, ever.

Otherwise, even if you think it’s a good idea, everyone who hates your idea flocks to your thread and hates on it because they don’t have better to do.

Sometimes things work in your favor. But most of the time generally insignificant/ rarely heard from people complain about something. Repeatedly. You may even get in trouble if the mod agrees for a “post with no value” even if it is a good idea. Freakin frustraing popularity contest is what it can boil down to. Add to the fact that this is srk and people hate smash. With a passion. Even in the smash section. Basically it’s on a nintendo system, it’s kid friendly, and it doesn’t take years to master. Therefore to competitive fighting people it’s a bad game.
/Tired argument that can derail a thread and anger people easily.

Melee is easily hacked, so is brawl. You should head to smashboards and suggest a melee style hack of brawl.

Good luck with this thread. Seriously. Haters gonna hate. Haters gonna hate REEEAL hard.

There was a topic not to long ago about how much Hell it took to create melee…i’m pretty sure there not going to go through it again.

But anyway… Project M.

there might be a remake of Melee this year to celebrete it’s 10th B-day(like what they did for 64).

I dunno why, but I see it on 3DS possibly.

If they do remake melee that would be cool. it’d be nice if it had the roster of brawl but retaining the melee gameplay

Sakurai basically said there will never be a game like Melee ever again in his interview:
Masahiro Sakurai Reflects on Super Smash Bros. Melee

In this interview, he talks about how Melee is the most polished game of the series, being the fastest, most difficult, etc. The game turned out to be well accepted by hardcore gamers, but it was aimed at the casuals (yay nintendo). Brawl was an effort to keep it that way, which makes sense since that’s what nintendo does (changes in Mario Kart is another example). They want easier/less hardcore games that anyone can get into.

What nintendo doesn’t realize is that… competitive aspects in the other games don’t hurt the casual image. Even though there’s stuff like snaking, l-canceling, etc. in the older games, casual gamers still fall in love with these games and make up the majority of the players buying them. Ohhhh well.

I don’t like where Nintendo is heading, but the Melee community is still strong. I wish other fighting game communities realized there’s more to smash then Brawl with items on lol. Seeing how there’s item discussions and no Melee section here is kinda disappointing.

which is kind of more bizzare, since that’s EXACTLY how the Pokemon franchise is-east\y to acceass as newcomers, but very deep for competitive play. and the item topic is about competitive item play(which exists in Brawl) so it’s not a BS topic, mind you.

well if you like defensive style games brawl is the game to play the reward for being overly defensive in brawl is MUCH greater then trying to play offensively (unless your MK).

And there was a lot of Depth in Melee thats now missing in brawl. any game can be competitive but that wont make it good

And here I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought this. This is correct.

yep. Get hype

Project M demo is out.

Playing that shit right now. It’s good. Melee needed more rushdown characters, and when it’s done we’ll have Sonic, Wolf, Charizard, and Metaknight.

If they managed to get the old melee cast back, then I’d be willing to mod my wii for it.

All the Melee pros cried about a year until they just went back to melee when the realized the game is still alive and well lol I get the feeling a lot of MvC2 pros are going to start drifting back to number 2 as well as time goes on.

Jonas_ is 100 percent right though lol

smashchu_ if you ever seriously played melee competitively then you wouldn’t consider brawl a sequel at all. if yodid then i really dont know whats going through your head lol most brawl players wernt able to catch on to the competitive scene of melee because of the technical talent you needed to have in order to compete with other top players. because of that they called the game broken n other dumb stuff lol pretty much just called brawl the better game just because melee is broken or unbalanced or too hard seriously makes no sense. im not saying brawl sucks but i dont like it at all. brawl has its own strong points just as melee does but the strong poins from each game are so different its hard to even consider it a real sequel. so ill agree with the creator of this thread on the point which i believe he was right. brawl is far from being a sequel to melee then it is being its own series entirely.

so as far fetched as this idea seriously is lol MELEE 2 BABYYYY

No need with project M floating around.
As long as Nintendo makes the game hackable people can make it how they see fit.

Sakurai confirmed some time ago that Melee was be the sharpest smash game, that there wouldn’t be a more hardcore smash game in the future. He said he was spending 40 hour days working on Melee, then sleeping 4 hours, waking up and repeating the cycle. There just isn’t enough time, money, or (in Nintendo’s eyes, market) for another tight project like that. So hopes for a Melee sequel lie solely in Project M right now.

Project M

It is possible to play without actually modding your wii. You can use the Brawl level exploit loader to safely and legally load the hack.

Whether or not they are going to try to implement legacy characters, the demo is impressive. The techskill of Melee is back, and I feel like they are heading in the right direction. From the time the two OK crews have spent with the game, it seems promising.