Super Smash Bros. Thread


I dont want an argument about it not being a real fighter. since its better than a lot of the games consider fighters cough SNK vs. Capcom Chaos cough. Just want a conversation about it.

I myself am a capt. Falcon user, slow techniques but his fast movements make up for it. Well placed Falcon Punch will own anyone.


Are we talking about the original SSB or Melee?

'cause if we’re talking about SSB, then the three that absolutely owned were Ness, Kirby, and Pikachu. They dominated the rest soundly.

If we’re talking about Melee, Falcon is one of the best, though he is by all means not slow, and the FP is not what makes him great at all. It’s all about the knee. :stuck_out_tongue: - locale of the smartest group of smashers, as well as the first place for tourney announcements.

btw, I don’t think there are many players around SRK that denounce Melee as not being a fighter. Seeing how the game has been played as of late shows that there is as much skill required, if not moreso than some, in Melee as there are in traditionals. - wonderful article by the keystone in bringing out the life in competitive Melee, Mattdeezie, describing the level of depth in Melee today.


Pick Falco and spike that shit:D


A friend of mine had this game…

Whenever he invited me to his house, we would play this game for hours on end.

For some reason, I always found myself picking Jugglypuff. I loved doing Slumber Song and puhcing them out of the arena. :smiley:

Yeah, it was fun until Link would chop me in two. He was hard, and so was that no-good Kirby. Battle of the pink puffs…