Super Smash Bros: Why it is Underrated


How I waste my time is irrelevant. Again, you can’t speak for everybody. I already understand that many people in the FGC will not pick up smash and I’m perfectly fine with that. That being said, there may be one person neither you or I are aware of that may find this post worth reading, and to me, one person is enough for it to be worth it.

I’m asking you to please leave this thread if you have nothing worth contributing. If you continue to post irrelevant comments in this thread then I will report you.


Ah I see. Well you do realize how old melee is right?
If the scene were more active I could see the point in trying to get people to come out and play, but idk. I’m sure the smash scene will kick start when the next game comes out. :slight_smile:

Also that new FC looks hype. Melee wont ever die. Haha it just old as fuck. And so is brawl. Haha it’s been like 4 years?


Melee may be old, but the rise of fighting games in general have actually affected Melee as well. We’re having record breaking tournaments almost every year for a game that’s 10 years old and in my area (Missouri) we keep gaining more and more players. I’m not sure how active it is elsewhere but in Missouri and the surrounding areas, it’s growing.

And yes, FC does look hype. Me and my crew will be attending :slight_smile:


Well oh shit, I better skidaddle now that you threatened to report me. How about I counter-report for you for talking about non-fighting games, which smash is, on a fighting game forum? But you can have it your way, I think I’ve bodied your faulty logic for enough and once again was proven that smash players have no fucking sense of reason. Stay free.


Did you even realized that this is posted in a smash sub forum? It’s perfectly fine to post a smash related topic in a smash sub forum that happens to be listed under "Other Fighting Games." Thank you for choosing to leave though, I really appreciate it.


Look man, Melee was my first competitive game too. Don’t play it anymore but still have respect for it on a competitive level, it’s great. Don’t really care what it’s classified as personally.

But please can we stop talking about this. This topic has been beaten to the ground for years now. There’ve been discussions, articles, comment section debates and everything you can think of surrounding this. My question is…why is this relevant. We’re at the point where most people who were thinking about playing Smash probably would have played it by now, or are making strides to do so. And people who never wanted play Smash competitively…never will, no big deal, it’s not that serious, different strokes for different folks. People are seriously beating a dead horse on this topic. We’ve heard all of the points, move on.


You know what ELSE is a 2-button game??

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but divekick is awesome
smash on the other hand…


Melee is more competitive than SFxT, SC5, and MK.




Posts on smash subforum.

random srk members comes in to tell OP to stfu and gtfo about smash.


On a side note, anyone who is convinced melee is not competitively viable, regardless of the game categorized as a fighting game or not, have literally no idea what they’re talking about.


brawl is very viable. for all this talk about how its not competitive OMG0mgtheresTRIPPIUNG the better player will win proportionally to the skill gap with far more consistency than games like marvel 3.

when someone is really good at brawl/melee they will absolutely trounce a newcomer/beginner/intermediate player. if someone is elite and they play a low-advanced player, it will still be a beatdown. only when intermediates play intermediates, elites play elites, etc are the matches even competitive.

furthermore, stock and matches per set has NEVER been an issue for brawl. the better player comes out on top 99/100 times, assuming there is gap to begin with. obviously the best players will play each other hard, but if someone is clearly a level below someone else, theres just no way they’re going to win the set. that’s just how it is. its a slower paced game with a lot of decisions per match. doesn’t matter if there’s tripping (which is often modded out at tournies ive been at), doesn’t matter if there are stage hazards (which are actually a very interesting dimension of counterpicking – most characters have STAGE counterpicks, which is very unique and underappreciated), doesn’t matter that there are 2 buttons (which account for a minimum of 15 moves, often far more, not including the entire throwing mechanic as well as 3 different kinds of dodges as well as a block mechanic that includes a parry mechanic)

case in point any smash hater just play any competent brawl player in a set and you will get curbstomped. and it wont be because theyve learned some kind of gimmick like in a mario party mini-game. you’ll lose to sound fighting game fundamentals. they will read you like a book, force whiffs with dodge, punish bad normals, bait your dodges, parry your specials, force you into tech traps, space their normals perfectly, etc, etc.

in fact, just play a good snake FT5. smart snakes will make you feel so dumb youll think you’re back in a sandbox with your finger up your nose. but when you lose 5-0 you wont be wasting time making up excuses for how its mario party, you’ll go, goddamn i have to learn that character…


brawl is just a big middle finger from the developers to the competitive community. get some self respect and go back to melee lol.


I’d say that’s arguable, as what makes a game “more” competitive? Melee has been around longer, so its meta-game is more developed than the others, I’ll give you that.


Really good stuff here. You seem just as informed as the TC about Smash :slight_smile:

Well, Snake isn’t THAT good. You just have to watch out for his mines…and his 'nades…and his mortar slide…and his C4…and his Nikita…and his insane knockback normals.

Okay, so Snake is awesome. BUT THAT’S ALL HE IS!!!

(I main Snake, so I would know :P)


Er, it’s a 3-button game, same as Virtua Fighter 1, and for the same reasons. And Throw and Jump are typically macro’ed to a few additional buttons.


I don’t play Smash anymore, but the game doesn’t really get the credit it deserves. It’s funny how everyone has been trying their hardest to make Playstation All-Stars competitive as a fighting game when they scoff at Smash which is clearly a more polished game. Also keep in mind that Melee was released around 10 years ago. (Now, I feel old.)


My issue with Melee is its camera. It shakes so much it’s hard to see what’s going on, especially when combined with the tiny characters.

Sony All-stars is brand new, so of course it isn’t polished. The first anything usually isn’t.


Playstation All-Stars is a joke. MK9 and SC5 are a joke next to Melee.


Melee is at EVO again for a reason. It’s a good Fighting game. Period. Sakurai called it a Fighting game (read his interviews at 1Up) so dropvthe Party shit. And it is good, ask, like, dunno, the tons of fans. And it is competitive (try beating SephirothKirby good luck LOL).

How can anyone argue to the contrary these days…?