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“A few months ago I explained the concept of WiiU to Mr. Sakurai who was developing Kid Icarus. We were discussing which platform his next game should be, Nintendo 3DS or WiiU. What Mr. Sakurai suggested then was a specific idea to make Smash for both Nintendo 3DS and WiiU, to make this work together on both platforms. Well since his team is still involved in the final work in… the… for the Kid Icarus, maybe I shouldn’t go into any detail today. But I think I have just promised you that Smash Brothers will be developed for Nintendo 3DS and for WiiU and that the software will work together in some fashion. Of course, this is a product for the future.” -Iwata. Said during Nintendo’s E3 2011 press conference

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Now didn’t Nintendo say a while back that they wouldn’t be announcing new games until they were far enough in development? Wasn’t this going to be done specifically to avoid what happened with Brawl and Twilight Princess, where they kept announcing little details but then both games were repeatedly delayed? I think they should have waited. We all knew a new Smash Bros. game was inevitable, but I think most of us would have preferred to wait until there was at least some gameplay footage before any announcements were made.


I guess that means the game is far enough in development. Also, LUIGI!




I fear for the new smash bros future in the hands of the smash community who will most likely ruin the game. It’s bad enough they ruin the smash experience by banning items which is almost the essence of the game and the reasoning behind the way it’s balanced. out of the gate expect 3 stocks no items and timer rules for tourneys. and i can’t wait to hear about what they would want Nintendo to nerf or patch via DLC down the line when they feel the physics and characters moves don’t benefit the tourney scene. I’m not against the smash community especially since i play the game and after today won’t be playing competitively but they really try to restrict the game to make it feel as traditional as possible to games such as SF which is impossible. There only excuse which further proves that they lack effort to seek balance through the use of items is that they add “randomness” to the game yet random doesn’t always necessarily mean anything bad. Mario kart and pokemon while not at a competitive level as fighters are perfect examples where randomness is good.


What I find incredibly stupid about that argument is that NO ONE is stopping you from enjoying Melee casually with items on any stage you want.

So YES there is this INCREDIBLY deep way to play the game but you can ignore it all throw the items on and have a ball if you want.


Melee gameplay or GTFO


Only thing is is that chances are you won’t be able to find a tourney with such things like items on as the community forbids the use of such things. And playing with items can be just as deep if not deeper than without them. And i personally would rather see melee tourneys without items simply because of the way the game can stand on it’s own two feet without them. While seeing as brawl can barely hold it’s own competitive scene intact and the games only been out for almost 4 years. Also the next smash is using brawl as a base to start from so that’s why i fear for it’s future competitively. The rules in competitive brawl i just think don’t do the game justice. The smash ball introduced a totally new layer to the series and it’s a shame that it’s had to be turned off.


Ummm… They only did the whole “base” thing because it was Gamecube to Wii.

Wii to WiiU is a RADICAL change and will require building almost entirely from the ground up.


This comment goes everywhere and for no reason. You can’t say ‘one game should have items on and the other should not’ just because the physics are different. That doesn’t make any sense. People already complain about tripping in Brawl because its random, I don’t know how adding the extra layer that is items would make things better. Brawl is fine the way it is, mechanically and competitively. It has it’s god tier characters and its shit tier characters. Also, Brawl is still a highly competitive game throughout the world as many foreign players from Japan are traveling to America to play among the best and vice versa. When Ally went to Europe last year and played Gluttony I think it was a great moment not only for Brawl but for Smash in general because it’s been so long since we (USA) have traveled over seas to compete.
Depending on how Smash WiiU turn out I would not be surprised to see the 3 latest games still being heavily represented at tournies or for just 1 game to be dominant.


Because nobody wants to go to tournaments with items on. If people were interested in it, there would be item tournaments all over the place. Seriously, try hosting a tournament with items on and see how popular it gets. Nothing’s stopping you.

The problem is that the people who play with items on don’t care about competition or tournaments.


Project M sounds godly at the moment. I’ll just wait until they complete it and just play Melee until then.


If smash DIDNT have an option to turn items off would it be consitently tourney viable and competitive? Im not so sure…


smash 4 is gonna be garbage (95% chance IMO)
probably not even gonna bother getting it
and i am and have been a competitive melee player for 4 years


Play Melee for another 10+ years.
Never experience another smash game lol
Or at least that’s how most people come off when they’re posting in most Melee/Brawl threads.


Take the Brawl formula and make these changes:
[]remove tripping
]increase hitstun to melee levels
[]increase blockstun so jumping in is a viable option, pressure strings more viable
]throw techs
[]add a super meter and incorporate Final Smash into gameplay
]adjust overall game speed, somewhere between brawl and melee
[*]nerf the shit out of Meta-Knight and Snake


Hitstun is the same in melee, you just can cancel the hitstun with an airdodge or a move (airdodge can be used 10 frames before a move out of hitstun)

It needs to have safe moves on block

The biggest thing that smash4 needs is… a good controller… not everybody wants to play wirelessly with a wii mote + chuck or classic controller (which break often) With no gamecube compatibility I pray Nintendo makes a USB controller at least.


people should buy smash 4 for fun and not for a competitive game. and play melee instead. or you perfer brawl (some people like this game) play that one. it’s still a video/party game, it’s just hilarious how balance melee turned out to be.


Considering the new Smash game will be all wireless, I doubt we’ll be seeing this much in tournaments to begin with.

As for Melee/Brawl. Even IF Brawl is horrible, play what you like. Fuck the haters.