Super Smash Brothers 4


Ummm… They only did the whole “base” thing because it was Gamecube to Wii.

Wii to WiiU is a RADICAL change and will require building almost entirely from the ground up.


This comment goes everywhere and for no reason. You can’t say ‘one game should have items on and the other should not’ just because the physics are different. That doesn’t make any sense. People already complain about tripping in Brawl because its random, I don’t know how adding the extra layer that is items would make things better. Brawl is fine the way it is, mechanically and competitively. It has it’s god tier characters and its shit tier characters. Also, Brawl is still a highly competitive game throughout the world as many foreign players from Japan are traveling to America to play among the best and vice versa. When Ally went to Europe last year and played Gluttony I think it was a great moment not only for Brawl but for Smash in general because it’s been so long since we (USA) have traveled over seas to compete.
Depending on how Smash WiiU turn out I would not be surprised to see the 3 latest games still being heavily represented at tournies or for just 1 game to be dominant.


Because nobody wants to go to tournaments with items on. If people were interested in it, there would be item tournaments all over the place. Seriously, try hosting a tournament with items on and see how popular it gets. Nothing’s stopping you.

The problem is that the people who play with items on don’t care about competition or tournaments.


Project M sounds godly at the moment. I’ll just wait until they complete it and just play Melee until then.


If smash DIDNT have an option to turn items off would it be consitently tourney viable and competitive? Im not so sure…


smash 4 is gonna be garbage (95% chance IMO)
probably not even gonna bother getting it
and i am and have been a competitive melee player for 4 years


Play Melee for another 10+ years.
Never experience another smash game lol
Or at least that’s how most people come off when they’re posting in most Melee/Brawl threads.


Take the Brawl formula and make these changes:
[]remove tripping
]increase hitstun to melee levels
[]increase blockstun so jumping in is a viable option, pressure strings more viable
]throw techs
[]add a super meter and incorporate Final Smash into gameplay
]adjust overall game speed, somewhere between brawl and melee
[*]nerf the shit out of Meta-Knight and Snake


Hitstun is the same in melee, you just can cancel the hitstun with an airdodge or a move (airdodge can be used 10 frames before a move out of hitstun)

It needs to have safe moves on block

The biggest thing that smash4 needs is… a good controller… not everybody wants to play wirelessly with a wii mote + chuck or classic controller (which break often) With no gamecube compatibility I pray Nintendo makes a USB controller at least.


people should buy smash 4 for fun and not for a competitive game. and play melee instead. or you perfer brawl (some people like this game) play that one. it’s still a video/party game, it’s just hilarious how balance melee turned out to be.


Considering the new Smash game will be all wireless, I doubt we’ll be seeing this much in tournaments to begin with.

As for Melee/Brawl. Even IF Brawl is horrible, play what you like. Fuck the haters.


Lol so basically there is NO hitstun. Does that apply to block stun too? Seems like you can insta-grab out of blockstun. I hope they fix that!
Definitely agree with safe moves on block so we can pressure.

They’re coming out with a new Classic controller that looks pretty sick. Kind of looks like the gamecube controller. Not sure if they’ll have a wired controller…

Hey who knows the game might turn out to be competitive! I’m crossing my fingers :stuck_out_tongue:


All I can say is that smashbros4 needs atleast 1 golden sun character.


I agree as well. One thing I hated about Brawl (other than tripping obviously) was the fact that there were so many instances where you would be punished for HITTING YOUR OPPONENT! That and the fact that your opponent could just sit in their shield and wait for you to come close and then grab you when you tried to shield pressure them (which was especially annoying with Dedede…stupid chain grab). I still enjoyed Brawl overall, but that irked me to no end.

So, what I’d like to see in Smash Brothers 4;

  1. More hitstun. Around Melee levels, maybe a little less. At least enough so we don’t get punished for actually hitting our opponents.
  2. More “shield stun.” I really don’t think that you should be able to sit in your shield and then instantly counter with an attack if you try to get aggressive against your opponent, unless you “perfect shield.”
  3. Get rid of the stupid “auto-snap to ledge” mechanic that they had in Brawl. It just made it close to impossible to deal with someone who was ledge-camping. Namely Marth and Meta-knight. Let go of ledge. Up-B. Repeat. :mad:

And of course, the standard “More characters, more stages.” I’d also like to see alternate costumes, like what they did for Wario.


I’d like to see
-everyone get at least 1 or 2 other costumes
-the roster to crack 60+ characters
-maybe another 1 or 2 guest characters with Snake and Sonic
-no more of that Final Smash BS
-fuck da trippin’
-more items
-more stages
-iffy about Assist Trophies.
-the ability to trade doubles of your trophies online with people.
-and I guess future DLC cahracters (not on the disk like Capcom does it)


Don’t get your hopes up. As long as Sakurai stays in charge of the franchise, you’ll will never see a tournament-worthy Smash Brothers from Nintendo. Instead, expect more tripping, items, randomness, and removal of gameplay mechanics that actually made the series have some sort of skill ceiling.


Uhh hell no. 60 characters is way to much for a game like smash bros, calm down kid.
And people who are complaining about brawl are probally just trying to follow the trend of hating on brawl just cause everyone else hates it. Melee was bad ass, so was brawl. Maybe your just trash at both?


brawl is terrible- m2k




Get off m2ks sack- YorKeY