Super Smash Player Needs Street Figher II Help!


Hello, I recently got a great deal on the coin operated Street Fighter II (not turbo or super or meta or tournament or…). I am in college so i will be playing vs many people, and I need to raise my non existent knowledge in this game. Is there a tier list? Is there a main strategy? i dont know crap so any help would be great! I assume that this is the smashboards of SF so hopefully you guys will be able to assist.

Thanks in advance


I’d help, but i found this to be really stupid. GL tho


You need to upgrade it to the CPSIV system, Street Fighter II Meta edition is fucking crazy.


If this is supposedly the “smashboards of SF,” why don’t you just read/search the forums for strategy and tips here like you do at SWF, or is finding strategies at SWF that bad that you don’t even know how to do it?


Did you really have to put Smash player in the title?
Anyways, no, this isn’t the SSBB section of SRK, just look a little harder and you’ll find it. Also, why post in that section? There’s a section for Street Fighter 2 Turbo, use it. Please read the rules before you do anything else.


Why would he use the ST section, when he clearly stated its not ST? That’s the worst fucking condescending advice I’ve seen yet.


Your trolling was pretty legit looking, and then you let out this gem:

:lol: Too easy. 6/10 though


LOL, I misread what he typed. Tried to be helpful, but I sounded like some asshole who thought he was better.


Main strategy is to not push him off the stage, but to deplete the other guy’s lifebar until it says KO.


If it’s World Warrior, pick Guile and research phantom throws!

If it’s Champion Edition, pick Bison.


You’ll probably feel right at home playing Street Fighter because, just like Smash, it doesn’t have any items either! :angel:


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too much information in the thread title


um… wow… i did not mean to offend anyone. I was just confused because the street fighter II i purchased (to the best of my knowledge) is not one of the ones with the extra name added to it. I am pretty sure i just bought the original and every time i try to search for street fighter II strats, etc, only turbo, championship, etc come up. I was just curious about the basic sfII, and where i could find a tier list and strats for that specific game. I am not sure what the differences are between the games. This is why I came here. I dont understand why most of the people that responded are so hostile? anyways, sorry if I offended anyone :o


Try checking out the SRK Wiki. It has a lot of info on lots of different fighters you’re sure to find something in there.

And trust me no one here is offended.


If it is Street Fighter 2 World Warriors, it isn’t a very competitive game. You probably have one of the more common revisions, a later one which took out all of the glitches like Dhalsim invisibility and Guile’s Magic throw. Without the glitches, the game heavily favors Guile in either case.

The unfortunate thing is that while WW has a place in my heart always, you’re dealing with a very unbalance game. Much of the cast are poorly developed. Zangief is very unstoppable at close range in this game, but it’s very hard for him to get close. He doesn’t have the tools in this game as he doesn’t in the game to follow to really get close. The damage in this game is very bad as well. Typically 1 mistake ends the match. Overall the game favors Guile in every way imaginable. He can control space, has excellent footsies, and out prioritize the entire cast. He has an unbeatable turtle. Basically if Guile knows what he’s doing, he can throw sonic booms at you all match. You can’t get around them, and if you get close, he has insanely damaging combos. There is no offense you can mount against him unless you choose Dhalsim.


Yeah basically there’s no SF2 without any subtitle, the original one was called the world warrior, and it wasn’t really the best competitively although it laid some good ground work for the series. Sorry you had to find out the hard way, but people here are hostile towards smashers. Anyways, the wiki might be your best bet.


I love the amount of hostility just because he said he was a Smash player…

I love the sarcastic comments too!

“Main strategy is not to throw them off the stage, but deplete their lifebar”

wat a fuckin douche.


trying to be funny =/= trying to be mean

smash players are just too easy to make fun of, mainly because they get butthurt so easily

kind of like closet gays


You have to do these difficult things called charging motions, and quarter circle forwards.