Super Street Figher 2 HD: The new Capcom game for SF's 20th anniversary?

From all the things we have heard, most kept this thought that at around Street Fighter’s 20th anniversary which will be in 2008, Capcom will have some sort of surprise for us. Many speculated that it would be the infamous Street Fighter 4.

Although yet again, another Street Fighter 2 game will be coming out and not a Street Fighter 3 update, I suppose it could turn out well.

Capcom remaking the game certainly has my thoughts on if they are indeed celebrating Street Fighter’s 20th anniversary with this game as 2008 is less than a year from now.

The only qualm I have with this is that it’s Street Fighter ONE’s 20th anniversary. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo’s will be sometime from now.

What do you think?

for the 20th, im just expecting more. but this wasn’t what i had expected… nor wanted

I think Capcom are overly lazy and abuse the loyal fans they’ve developed over the years through SF.

So yeah, I think it probably is the 20th anniversary game.

i hope that’s not the case. SSF2THD should be just an appetizer for what’s coming, and nothing more. Please Capcom don’t let us down this time like you did with the 15th anniversary (can’t believe that 5 years have already passed!)

Bullshit. Capcom, like anybody, is in the business to make money. If there isn’t money in it, they’re not going to do it, and by all accounts, there isn’t money in producing a 100% brand new Street Fighter game at this point.

The “loyal fans” line cracks me up though. Like they owe you anything for buying their product. Econ 101: you pay money, you get game. They’re not indebted to you for buying it anymore than you are to them for selling it.

Meh, I know people are going to disagree with me, but I am happy with HD Remix. What do you guys expected, Street Fighter 4? This works for me, because I do like ST better than A3 or 3rd Strike.

That reminds me, this is probably the thing they “had in store,” like stated in that interview…

ST HD is coming out this year, not next. That tells me that there will be something new next year for the 20th anniversary. If you couple that with the fact that they’re making a new SF movie, then I think all signs point to them finally making a SF4. Bet it!

Umm, isn’t this year the 20th anniversary of SF? SF1 came out in 1987 IIRC.


Goddamn fanboys.

Capcom is indeed businees to make money.

All the recent rehashing is most likely for two reasons:

  1. to make even MORE money off the old games. All the old classics have been released and rereleased (we’ve already extablished capcom likes to make money, and this is an easy and proficient way)

  2. all the rehashing is an excellent way to build up Street Fighter word of mouth. Possibly leading to free publiciity/hype for a true sequel?

Anytime any SF game is mentioned as being rereleased, etc, it makes mainstream gaming news. Older fans of the series are getting “sucked” in again, while new gamers are being exposed to the series for a first time.

The time is more or less ripe for a true sequel, if one is in the works at all.

Sometimes the fanboy in me just gets the better of me. I dont expect a sequel, but I admit I want one. :sad:

i think this isnt threadworthy

Even thoug this is just another re-release of a game that they’ve already re-released, in different formats and for different consoles about 10 times, I think it is still kind of interesting that they’re claiming the “HD” format is going to rival, if not surpass, Guilty Gear’s own sprites.

At least that’s what the interviewees were claiming in the article that they had posted up at Unless my eyes were deceiving me.

So I guess that is the most interesting thing about this re-release. They say it will play exactly like Super Turbo, so the game isn’t going to be different by any means from the original. But they’re claiming that the artwork/sprite work is going to surpass an already popular modern game.

Why go through that much effort in this re-release. Redrawing sprites and such is one thing. Pushing the limits to surpass a game that gets constant updates and holds a consistent fan-base? Why?

I know the baseline answer is “money,” but perhaps they’re setting themselves up for a test drive. SF4? Nah, probably not. But perhaps they’re testing the waters for something later. Just to see if they have an audience and a market.

Anybody remember October 2005?

The irony involved in the making of SF: HD is just too damn funny. Capcom made new games with old sprites and people bitched. Now, Capcom has an old game with new sprites, and people still bitch.

Mainly because people want new games with new sprites.

I just want to see if there is a street fighter 4 and if it comes out what updtaes will it have to improve the gameplay form 3 :wtf: , that is it is just perfected, sprite perfect.

I think people are missing the bigger picture here. Look at the events as of late. The success of the comic book, the announcement of a new live action movie, Hyper Fighting XBOX 360’s success, and now HD ST…? It seems like Capcom is testing the waters and preparing for things to come. What we’re seeing now has much more validity than the random rumors we’ve heard before.

I would rather not be disappointed yet again, but lets be reasonable, there’s still hope.

exactly my reasoning.

I wouldnt expect 2D though…:\

I think it’s a wise choice rather than jumping the gun and taking the risk of developing a costly game that might not make enough back. Remember, SF3 wasn’t truly recognized and appreciated until years later and I don’t think anyone would desire to see a repeat of that.

It appears these remakes of the older games in “HD2D” is the testing grounds for a potential newer SF. (This is probably nothing new to most of us though since the announcement was made).

Christian Svenson addressed my question(s) concerning it here.

Based off of what I read so far from interviews and whatnot, I’d venture a guess that if they were planning to develop a new SF or a sequel, they think that “HD2D” could be the ideal way to approach (now who here is against that?). However, it is HIGHLY dependent on the success of these two games. So despite it essentially being another rerelease, please be ready to show your support at least *one last time *if you want a brighter future for SF. It’s all or nothin’. Go for broke!