Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix Tournament Poll

I’m interested in organizing a SSF2HDR tournament in early May (the weekend of the 7th). I am leaning towards a weekend two-man team event that would be either held on a Saturday or Sunday.
In the hopes of maximizing turnout, I’d like to know what sort of event that people would be the most interested in.
Is a weekend good or would a weekday be preferable?
Singles or two man team?
Afternoon or evening?
Akuma or no Akuma? Just kidding–although it would be an interesting idea…maybe allow Akuma in but if Akuma is chosen, then he i not allowed a partner? Therefore, in exchange for his overwhelming advantage, the ability to rely on a teammate to bail him out is eliminated?

Hell no to Akuma lol.

My work schedule changes again next week so I won’t be stuck on the graveyard shift anymore. I am down for whatever. Can it be 2 man same character teams? If so, who wants to team up with my scrubby Cammy?

I’d love to team it up if someone would like to be on my team :_D

Hey, Kao.

This is a pretty cool idea. I voted for the two-man team (Saturday) option because that’s one of the days when I’m actually free. My weekdays are usually screwed up, except Tues, Thurs, and sometimes Fri–so being in a tourney on either of those days in the evening wouldn’t be an issue. However, if it isn’t on those days, I’d still try to find a way to join it, regardless; it would just be more of a stretch than it would be for the other days.

And yes, if anyone wants to use Gouki, they should remain partnerless. Haha! I doubt anyone would seriously use him, though. I hope this idea gets more feedback.

No Akuma!, no way, don’t even think about it lol.

as Doctrine says, good idea man!.

I want to help you organizing these tourneys in the no distant future, to organize tourneys is a good way yo keep HD Remix alive!, this poll is a good idea, because it tells you what people wants, if people decide something, you have to do it lol, count with me bro!

i casted my vote on the poll btw.

If it’s sometime before that weekend I can most likely play…but starting that weekend (may 8) back to my busy life that rarely involves hdr…id prefer singles, but doubles sounds like fun too!

I am an idiot, I didn’t realize I can choose more than 1 option in the poll. If I had to vote, it’d be weekdays teams and singles.

Hey good to see you guys still keeping HDR alive and seeing you guys again. Work has been pretty busy but also ive been getting addicted to GGPO ST for some reason(even though I like HDR So much more lol). Anyways Id prefer weekends evenings as well as in my opinion that would be convient for everybody it seems. As for Akuma being allowed, well thats up to you guys imo lol. Anwyays always a pleasure take care.

I thought so too Mars but a lot of people seem to prefer weekdays since they’d be in the house anyway. Many have told me that they’d be out and about on weekends which is understandable. I guess I’ll leave the poll up for a few more days just to see how this plays out.
But if it continues to trend towards a weekday tournament, we’ll have to see about the setup. Hado69 made a fine point: team tourneys usually take longer and all too often at least one member of a team will flake, throwing a wrench in the whole affair.
Right now it seems as if people are interested in a team format but what can be done to ensure that people don’t leave their teammates in a lurch and implode the tournament? Perhaps incentivizing it? I’m not made out of money like Hado and family birthdays/anniversaries (and, unfortunately, presents) are right around the corner but maybe–MAYBE!–throwing in a $20 PSN Store card per man for the winning team would help.

The card idea sounds delicious.

Lol. Prize or not, though, wouldn’t make a real difference to me. And yeah, it seems like more people are cool on the weekday in comparison to the weekend. If that’s how it is, I’ll find a way to comply with it.

Weekday (M-F) evening two-man team tournament has my vote.

Kaospider, you messaged me on PSN about the tourney. I actually already put in my vote here for weekend day singles tourney. As mentioned, I’m pretty sure a team tourney will get spoiled by no shows. Even singles online tourneys get disrupted by no shows. Not to mention that I have no idea who I could partner with.

Some prize for winning would be cool, but I don’t think it is really necessary. I’d just want to play to make up for my shameful losses at the Warzone tournament this past weekend. (In my defense, I was forced to used an Xbox controller I’m not used to.)


Were you the guy I was talking to that had to play Valle first? It was so loud in that room that I couldn’t make out everything people were talking about lol

I’m down for whatever man. Preferably a Saturday night though. I’ll work with a weekday if I have too. It would just suck to come home str8 from work and have to compete w/o warming up. :xeye:

Hey Kao, I made it finally. I favor the single matches more, despite the two-man teams. Since this is online, you have more chances of your partner not being online when the event start and end up doing things solo anyways (if rules permit). Then again this is the PSN HDR community, you guys have way better online tourney turn-outs than XBL, from my Xperience.

Thanks for the input guys. I’m going to put the post up by the end of the week. Now, I’m not sure that this will work but let’s go for the weekday two-man team format. Now, as a concession to the folks that can only participate during the weekend, how does a Friday evening sound? Thus, we leave Saturday and Sunday free for the party animals, playas and weekend warriors but, technically, it’s still a 9-5 day. The target date is Friday May 7th unless Friday is unacceptable to a significant portion (like you playboys, party animals and weekend warriors). Let me know if a Friday works.
If they can manage to put these together over on XBL then I’m sure that PSN can step up and represent. As a contingency, if we do get a case of the “D’oh! I forgot and chased tang instead” plague, then I’ll schedule a singles tournament for the following week at roughly the same time.
So there you have it. I’ll be back later this week with the details but rest assured that there will be no Akumas allowed…unless Angelclow wants to show up to have his arse caved in for laughs. Should duplicates be allowed? (I dread seeing an all Vega team.)
Start thinking of your potential dream teammates and start contacting. Let’s make it happen!

I agree with that due to the fact that we have 1.) a tight knit group cuz of PSN chat and 2.) NHC… which consist of a lot more older guys. Thus, friends get disappointed when you let them down.

Awe man, I guess I’ll miss the first one. I’ll be in Hawaii may 7th. =(

Let me know when the next one goes down.

The tournament thread is up and running. Here goes nothing.