Super street fighter 2 HD Remix

ok i am hosting a tourney for Super Street Fighter HD Remix for xbox 360 (xbox live) and if you want to sign up post here

rules and guidelines:

1:)deadline is 11:00PM( eastern pacific) 8:00PM(westcoast)Friday September, 9 , 2009
2:) tournament starts 11:05PMEST(<-5 min grace period) 8:05 pm (westcoast) Saturday, september,10, 2009
3:)it will be whoever wins 3 rounds first progress til championshp

4:) at 11:45 there will be a losers bracket for the people who lost i will write them down on pen and then send them invite to a session who ever wins there get to fight the tourney winner ( so tourney winner be ready)

5:) no more than one backup will be accepted for the main contestant and please tell me who your backing up for.
6:) for no shows the person will just have to move to next player
7:)winner gets nothing more than pride and glory

4:)The Aqua Snake
5:) Sweet Poison
8:)Mr. Irepresslble

ps: if theres enough people i will make time and another tourney session and the winner from that tourney session will challenge the winner from the first tourney be grand champion

i also posted this tourney on another site called so don’t be suprised if you see some unfamilar name on the board

There’s already one of these? You two should work out something. It wouldn’t be fair to have two tournaments at the same time, unless that’s what you guys really want.

Edit: This one seems smaller in scope. At least time wise. So maybe this won’t be a problem?

Well, I’m doing more of a league with pool play that qualifies to weekly tournaments and our events run on Mondays and Tuesdays. So I don’t think there’s any conflict there. But if anyone who signs up for this tournament is interested in joining the WWL (World Warriors League) use the wonderful link 1hitparry provided and sign up for that too!

well it shouldn’t be that big of a problem a tourney with 8 people should only be like 15 minutes where as silver sounds like it would take days to complete

Somehow I doubt you’ve participated in tourneys before.

Sign me up.


i’m in too. sounds fun


deadline is friday if anyone wants to join feel free to put your xbl gamertag right here

Hey, as it turns out, I’m not gonna be in town on that time Saturday - my band has a gig at a town about an hour out, and we’re leaving at about 8 PM EST and staying overnight. Sorry, dude! I’ll join the next one, though!

ok one free spot whoever wants to join come now