Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo CPS-2 and Alpha 3 CPS-2

Super Street Fighter 2 X Grand Master Challenge CPS-2 B-board ($215 shipped USA)
Works 100%
I installed a new battery today so no worries about dying.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 CPS-2 B-board ($100 shipped in the USA)
Works 100%
Its is a Phoenix edition board, so no battery to worry about.


well see come payday on friday, I’m looking at you super turbo!

Why are sanwa flash sticks expensive? What are good about these compared to regular sanwa sticks?

This thread should answer all your questions.

Just going to drop in and say that’s a beautiful stick SteveTren, and sorry to see you’ve got to let it go. :sad:

payment sent

Sanwa Flash TE Sold!

Hey Steve do you Phoenix boards?

The ST board is not Phoenix but the Alpha 3 is. I prefer to have non-Phoenix ST boards.

Yea but do you have the materials to phoenix boards? Like a service. Thanks

Ah, sorry I do not phoenix boards. I send them to Raz over at cps2shock.

Price drop…

Please check your PM
ASAP !!!

i have the means to phoenix boards. pm me

Why did you ignore my pm’s Steve before >:(

Good luck on the sale man, I’d get those if I wasn’t spending money on my Vegas trip :frowning: