Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Bad Games Thread

Okay for the 1st time got droped on CVS 2 and 3rd strike style!!

he name is Hydro josh or some shit!! All you did was dragon upper cuts then when that didnt work you droped…GAY GUY


I had too many that dropped to list.

leaderboards = connection dropping scrubs…

I must’ve played some scrub named Ultra BISON like 30 times, and he dropped all 30. I don’t understand the point of marking “avoid player” if they’re going to match you up with them every time.

It only “improves” matches, it won’t keep you away from certain players if no others are available. I got matched up with a guy who started talking shit before the match even started, cried first round because I fireballed him too much, then called me a piece of shit after I beat him without them in the second. After I did the whole “avoid player” business and logged again I got matched right back up with him, twice.

Is there no way to completely avoid players? I would much rather sit with “no matches found” screen all day if it means avoiding the jackasses I have added to a certain list. If not, I’m surprised the 360 doesn’t have this feature when it seems to have everything else.

you changed your name?

I’ll apologize in advance for all the bad games I’m responsible for. I can’t seem to keep my Hori stick from sliding all over my table. Anyone out there have good ideas for keeping it in place without glue or nails?

What I do is seat on the floor and put it on top of a box then just put some books or something on the sides so the box won’t slide. You just need to get used to it and then you can move on to the table again or playing on your lap(no homo). Just don’t move the joystick to much when your in the heat of battle I learn this a long time ago,lol.

Thanks, Dragon. I’m used to MAS sticks, and the SF Anniversary stick, those stay put just fine. I’d love to start a nice 360 mod project to get one or both working with SF4 and HD remix, but it’s hard to find the time.

Until then, I’ll try your suggestion, or velcro the damn thing to a shitty table or something. :slight_smile:

yeah it must be pretty hard for you to play with a Japanese stick when you are used to a American stick. Just gave it time and you’ll get it, I remember when I first got mine I was playing better with a control than with a stick,and I even wanted to return it back to just find a comfortable way to grab the joystick so you won’t move it a lot.

Just a few minutes ago I beat some guy named thegreatone909.

And right before the you win screen of the final round he dropped. Also he is at the top of the weekly remixed leader boards with a decent win/loss record.

Also I was using my brothers screen name which is Night00.

I checked my win/loss record and it credited me for the win so thats cool.

Just played him again and he did the same thing TWICE. He quit just when I finished kicking his ass both times. What a loser.

Doesn’t dropping a game count as a loss?


yes it count as a loss but… his ranking will not go down…
capcom seriously need to fix this