Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Bad Games Thread

Well, I made this thread for a list of names that you may come across that have dropped on you… I playede 39 Rank games today… and i won 28 of them and lost like 5 and the rest were fuking dropping after i kick their azz lol

avoid =Zenchuk
avoid =Xqueeeeeeee
avoid= skinty

so far, these are the biggest A.Holes ive come across…

Nappynightmare … i invite to play a player match, and get this response "fuck off kid"
kevin claxton… cries about me throwing, says i have no "skillz"
czarRU … constantly drops and accuses me of using turbo.

im sure theres more. these are tonights offenders

dude, what the fuck. hahaha XD.

Nappy - same exact PM received yesterday when I was playing him in player match and then he dropped quickly after the match. I went to another lobby and he was in there, same crap…

Kevin has been ok so far with me.

CzarRU always accuses of TURBO but hasn’t dropped :). My GEIF owns his :slight_smile:

For some reason when I use GEIF i get tons of droppers… If I’m Akuma I don’t get as many :). I think they get aggrevated by the ticks :wink:

hey Evoanon. ggs to you. Kevin dropped on me during a 5th round that was going my way. the next time i played him, it went to the 5th and just to be a dick…i dropped on him in retaliation and sent him a message…(“you didnt let me get my win, so im not letting you have yours”). it kinda went on from there. but he claims i suck cause i throw alot. he usually plays ken. i invited him to a player match. he then played every character but ken just to piss me off. hes good…i just wish he wasnt a baby.

CzarRU is the only guy i know that whines even when hes winning. hes followed me a few times now into player matches. he’ll beat me once…immediately leave the room, then send me a message saying i cheat and use turbo. …wtf?!

i can’t belive this is still alive… i notice when i too use gief i get alot of droppers lol second round drop out avoid please

No snakes alive

champjackson can be added to this list. he beats me with vega…as if thats hard to do when im using ryu…and i get “u r pathetic”…wtf?!

ChampJackson quit on me beginning of Rd. 2 today with his Vega in Ranked.

Don’t think I’ve ever had a clean match with that guy yet… w/o a rage quit.

ST:HD bad games Thread

Bad games today to ‘Stay Crispy SRK’ for dropping in the player room where my Balrog tore his Gief a new one. Third round, drop!
He should be ashamed to have SRK in his tag.
It’s even worse he’s a fellow Canadian.
I shouldn’t be surprised. My rushdown is awesome!!!

Jesus Christ dude. I told you I got booted out of the room.
You absolutely refused to play a rematch, so shut the fuck up about it.

You even stopped playing HDR because I followed you into every room you went into trying to get a rematch.

Vanilla Tears is so useless he wont even accept my challenge for about 2 days now you ,hes all talk wanna be,you know who this is CHAMP

Oh, don’t worry, your time is coming. The more you hype this up, the sweeter the victory when I destroy you.

PS, nice choice for a user name. It’s like you’re asking to get flamed…

Damn, so much hate haha.

I’ve played a good portion of names mentioned here, and so far everyone’s been quite civilized – except that one time I somehow pissed off mikeidge and he threw a barrage of cursing my way and a few empty threats. It’s all good though, no offense taken.

Anyways, you can toss in H5N1 PSYKUP 68, S C R R 81, and luis2099 into the bad games list.

If you guys come across “Jude X 1977” be sure to tick-throw him across the screen or anything else scrubs might deem cheap. Dude quit on me the last round of a ranked match and then 1st round of the next ~10 matches I ended up playing him. It was pure comedy :rofl:**

geneijin…when did i do that?! i must have had the mic on and didnt think you were listening. you’re on my friends list…i guess ill take you off. this is a fighting game afterall and losing sucks. i may vent my anger when necessary! did you expect me to say, “well gee whiz, that sure was a nice ass whooping you handed me there!”.


at least im not making excuses like most others ive listed as bad games. or sent uncalled for hatemail. but i admit, i do talk shit on the mic. i also think its F’ed up to listen in, stay quiet and then post about here. if i remember correctly, i was trying to talk to you first, probably looking for pointers…apparently got ignored, then got more and more pissed about losing a billion times in a row. All with the mic still on…oops

jude X 1977 is already on my tick throw the F. out of list. he constantly drops. uses chun li and is a baby. depending on my mood…ill either stay on and rape him for a round or 2 till he drops, or i will immediatly drop so as to avoid wasting my time.

I think Mikeidge is just a hateful person.

maybe i am. i do “hate” losing… thats just honest.
maybe you’re a perv “vanilla tears”.
and im still glad i don’t live in canada.

Relax Mikey…I’m just fucking with you.

Yeah, I don’t like living here myself. The free healthcare sucks, the clean air sucks, a competent government sucks, being liked by the world sucks…

Edit: whoops, wrong account.