Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD remix mock-up screen

I made a mock-up screenshot of the game by throwing two sprites over the background, and added meters, etc. I purposely left the two fighters too big, because I just thought it looked cool.

Background and character art from:

Fireball edited from CvS2 fireball.

Character portraits from Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival for the GameBoy Advance.

big sized version:

Allow me to be the first to say… NICE!

Very impressive indeed! I can only hope that the real deal looks as sweet!

That was done very well. how did you do the shadows?

For the shadows, I took copy images of the characters, made them completely black by turning the brightness all the way down, and lowering their opacity a little, so that you can kind of see through it. Then I down-scaled the height of it, so that it becomes squashed down.

Nice :tup:

Has Street Fighter ever had shadows though? I thought every game had the ambiguous dark circles which were somehow supposed to represent them. :lol:

very nice…

really, if the characters weren’t so big it’d pretty much be passable as a beta screen…

Not that I remember, but hey. Might see something new with the HD release :wonder:

Akuma’s hurricane is going the wrong way…

I shrunk the characters and added Super meters


Wow, that’s nicely done man!!
I definitely hope that the actual game will be something like this!

Cool, I really like the translucent HUD.

this looks really nice.

i REALLY don’t see how this game is gonna look this good.
its gonna be crazy

This is very nicely made! :tup:

I like that girl in purple by Akuma’s foot…any chance you can cut that out and post it up? Or a link to the BG? Just wondering…

wasn’t there 2 show girls?

one with Bison and Cammy:


omg, if the game looks this good, then :tup:

Sweeeeet very nice

Akuma is just monstrous in HD. I love it.

PsychoSquall, that looks amazing :tup: Lets hope the game can look as good!