Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival for GBA thread

This game is really great, besides ass controls (which after 3 hours of playing, aren’t THAT bad), it’s a real solid game I think, but I haven’t played it long. If you think of it as not being ST and just another Street Fighter it’s great.

What are some strats? Everything seems to be here, and i’ve been loving just being able to play SF2T anywhere I go, what do you guys think of it?

I’ve been using Sagat and Sim mostly.

I have nothing to really add, other than it is my favorite portable fighter - more so than SFA3MAX.

i play vega on it, use the same things as in ssf2t. i dont think its good unless you really wanna pass time and dont have a tv and console.

This game is hella fun, just for training mode alone. I sit around and do cross up rh, overhead, low forward into super with ryu versus crouching zangief all the time. (with normal controls)

One of the cool things about this version is how ‘loose’ the controls are especially for charge characters. guile can do whiff standing jab into flash kick which he can’t do in the normal version of ST. Because of how loose it is you can do dumb stuff like dj can do sonic boom into super or bison can do scissor kick into super (scissor kick has to whiff though i think).

But as far as training mode goes, i think this game is great. Balrog can do low jab, low jab, standing jab, kick rush into super. I haven’t really been able to find a combo that doesn’t work in this version.

Derek Daniels

This game is fun. :tup: