Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Tournament Brackets and Results

Update: I reworked the brackets, kicking out everyone who is inactive, as well as making 2 new brackets, European and American. I tried to give byes where i could to the winners from the matches already played, but the american bracket was a perfect 16 players. Hopefully this will kill 2 of the main problems so far, people not responding to emails, and lag between matches. Sorry for an inconvinence, but i think this is will be for the best.

The tournament offically starts now, Friday 26th Jan. Might aswell start now since the brackets are up.

All match results can be posted here, if you cannot post them, then email me your result. If you dispute the result your opponent posted then email me and we will try to find the truth. For evidence of the result i reccomend you record your matches by pressing and holding ctrl+shift before the game starts and keep them held down till the game has fully loaded.

Also i would love to see some matches, so mail me your recorded matches anyway, and if they are entertaining enough i will make them into wmv. If you do send a me a recording please tell me who player 1 and player 2 are.

Once again here are the rules

  • Akuma is banned

  • Double Elimination, so have to lose twice to be knocked out of the tournament.

  • Each game is the best of 3 out of 5.

  • Everyone must use mame32k.064, unless you have serious problems with it and have to use kawaks 1.55, and your opponent must agree to using kawaks 1.55 aswell. Also the semi’s and finals will be recorded and will put on the net.

  • The speed will be default, so no need to go changing speed in the bios. If you want to play at turbo 3 your opponent must agree to.

  • You have 1 week to play the match, if you cannot arrange a time to play within that week, then a small extension, of up to 3 extra days will be given, Anymore and the tournament will slow down. If you cannot get ahold of your oppponent, then email or pm me, and if he/she still does not reply, then that person will be disqualified.

  • I highly reccomend you play 1 or 2 warm up matches before you start your offical game, incase of lag, and desyncs. If you continually desync from eachother restart your computers not just mame. If there is lots of lag then try some other servers, sometimes you will get less lag if you join an empty server even if your ping is higher.

Here are the brackets:
I reccomend you start contacting your opponent as soon as possible, all entrants details will be posted at the bottom of this thread.

You’ll notice that there are 3 brackets, i done my best to seed the best players, while also considering spreading out clans and people from the same country.

The winner from each bracket aswell as the best runner up (determined by difference of number of rounds won) will go on to a fourth bracket, where they will play a semi final and final to determine the champion.

Bracket 1 Europe

Bracket 2: America

Entrants Details:

  1. r3ko
    Country: England
    Email and msn:
    AIM: r3kkak3n

  2. dips
    Kaillera name: [E.S.S] Tensai Ansatsu
    Country: England
    Email and msn:

  3. RushedDown
    Country: USA
    AIM: RushedDown

  4. RWD
    Country: England
    Email and MSN:

  5. Ryu1999

  6. SpinalBlood
    Country: Italy
    ICQ: 105406082

  7. Musashi
    Country: USA
    AIM: Yoshi Musashi

  8. Lee.w
    kaillera name: godfather
    country: uk
    sign me up doc

  9. Eishi
    Kaillera name : Chicken Boo
    Country : France
    MSN : nabil_boubakerAThotmailDOTcom

  10. Moosehead
    Country: USA
    AIM: moosehead123123

  11. Blazn
    K name : HeatBlazn
    Country: Canada
    Email :

  12. NoAffinity

  13. Rage02fire
    New Kaillera name:R.O.F.

  14. Trevor Spencer
    Kaillera Name: trev1976 [UK]
    Country: England
    Email and msn:

  15. Stevie White
    Kailera Name: Billy Dee Williams
    Country: US of A
    AIM: FatalIronFist

  16. Vega
    Kaillera Name: immortal
    Country: USA
    Email and msn:
    AIM: immortalbmw

  17. fatherbrain
    AIM fatherbrainlbl
    PM here

  18. Kaillera name : Lil’ Josh
    Country: uk

  19. Macumazahn
    Country: USA
    AIM: Devin3s

  20. Santoscrew
    Nick: [E.S.S] Santos
    Country: The Netherlands

  21. MiyagiShin X
    Country: USA
    Email :
    AIM: MiyagiShin

  22. Punisher
    Kaillera Name: TechnicalMonkey
    Country: USA
    Email :

  23. NG1313
    PM here

  24. Shekeib
    Country: USA

  25. [E.S.S.] Onilink
    Germany ( < < msn)

  26. Louie
    Country: Sweden

  27. BiolloIntrip
    Email and

    • [UKR]DreamcastUK

29.- [UKR]Show

30.- [UKR]NightBreed

31.- [UKR]TNA

32.- [UKR]Marshall92 -

33.- [UKR]Harvey

34.- [UKR]BadBoy

35- [UKR]Victory

  1. Nickname: Wish
    Country: UK

  2. Rocklee
    Kaillera name: Oyasumi
    AIM:Rocklee kl

  3. Decoy
    Kaillera Name: RealDecoy
    Country: USA
    AIM: decoysrk

  4. Fuzzy
    Country: UK
    Email and msn:

  5. [E.S.S] Iory Yagami
    Country: Spain
    Email and msn:

  6. Name: SîL
    Country: The Netherlands

  7. Rickstah
    Country: USA

  8. bk2099
    Kaillera Name: high flyer
    Country: Canada
    Email : steveology@gmail,com

  9. (live)
    Kaillera name: live
    Country: usa
    Email: hadooken@gmail DOT com

  10. [E.S.S] Hyper-Megaman
    Country: UK

  11. CoP42
    Country: France

  12. Kaillera Name: 4K
    Country: France

  13. Kaillera name: arsenur
    Country: France


  1. TarkanX
    Kaillera Name: TarkanX
    AIM: CenturionMario
    Country: USA

  2. Intercepter (FKA Canadian)
    Email and Msn:
    Country: Canada

  3. WSOP
    Country: USA

Thanks everyone and good luck in the tournament.

So you’re still allowing Akuma? This does not bode well for the tournament

If Akuma’s allowed, then all the Zangief players pretty much lose by default.

I can win the tournament with Akuma. All I have to do is run to the corner and throw air fireballs until you die or time runs out.

well considering akuma is a given ban, i will just state it. Didn’t think i would need too.


Hey, Kyokuji, you didn’t enter?

r3ko: Will you mark down how many games x player won over y? For example, let’s say this is a bracket

X (3)______
_____________X (with X moving on, obviously)
Y (1)

Get what I’m saying? I think it would be kinda neat knowing a player’s record (being undefeated, only losing once, etc.)

Heh, I just like reading tournament stats :bgrin:

Damn, Too Late to sign up…Oh Well…GL to all the players!!

Musashi, sure i will add them.

Postman~730 if you leave your kaillera name, country and email i will add you to the reserves

I have the honour of being the first out, full results you ask?

Fuzzy v. RWD

Ryu v. O. Hawk (2 - 1)
Ryu v. Balrog (2 - 0)
Ryu v. O. Hawk (2 - 0)

I’m now a sad panda. :frowning:

thanks alot RWD, don’t worry someone will get fuzzy this time round.

dont worry man , if you can get in close with those tick 360s its yours

me and moose?

yep 1st round KO for me :sad:

sorry rocklee, i had to seed certian people to avoid any of the best players meeting too early on.

After talking with various people i have made the tournament double elimination, sorry if this annoys people, but i think it will make the tournament more enjoyable.

That’s an impressive number of entries though. The only tournament I’ve ever entered was a Last Blade one that had like 16 players.

If DGV or KidAkira were in this tourney, I’d probably bet on them taking the win, but since they’re not, and barring any claw players who luck out, I’m gonna put my money on Ryu1999.
Granted, I haven’t seen Moose or some of the europeans play.

You should make it so people have to stick with the character they first pick (Unless they made a mistake or something), otherwise you’ll have a lot lame counter-choosing.
Should’ve asked people what character they were planning to use.

I could easily run to Chun-li or Dhalsim when I see a 'Gief player, or run to Vega when I see a Dhalsim player.

I would also be careful about recording matches. It can cause desync.

I’m not confident enough in my consistency with my 'Gief or my 'Sim.

'Gief because I’m on keyboard, and it’s hard to hit 360’s/720’s consistently (losing a round because I tossed out a jumping FP/LP/RH instead is very frustrating). Can’t reversal 360 or c. LK > 720 on KB at all. Can’t do crouching lariats either because my keyboard locks.

'Sim because he has no reliable anti-air against certain characters, and with the extra lag, it’s hard to get out of block-stun and I become very susceptible to mass repeated scrubby jump-ins.
I know his c.LK/c. MP/c. FP can stuff a lot of close-up jumping attacks, but seriously it’s really hard to be consistent with them online since you have to do it late in their jump.

Also, some of his poke strings that are relatively uninterruptible offline, can be countered fairly easily online because of the delay between hits which is irritating.

Don’t think I’m just making excuses though. I know I could adapt to a lot of these problems if I played more, but I haven’t had a lot of ST practice lately.
I’m also very very poor at zoning Chun-li, Honda, Fei Long, Bison (Dictator), and Vega (Claw). Mainly because their jump arcs are weird, or their air attacks have huge priority and I haven’t figured out how to keep them from jumping in repeatedly on me. I can still win against these characters with really aggressive low drill/spear rush-down, but that’s basically just using blind rush-down and hoping I get a win.

Basically, I need a lot more practice fighting certain characters with 'Sim. Don’t really feel like losing to some guy who jumps in on me 6000 times in a row, which is a shame because I think my 'Gief is pretty solid all around and I’d enter with him if I had a stick.

good points kyokuji, but i am not going to make people blind pick as its just too hard to keep track of online.

As far your prediction goes, yeh if DGV had entered u may have won, but even if he did i will be putting my money on wish or fuzzy. I’ve played DGV once and he was excellent, but i think there are a few europeans in this tournament who are better than him. Wish, fuzzy, spinal (if he whores o.sag) and louie. And these are only the ones who entered.

This will probably sound really big headed but i think the level of ST in europe on kaillera is suprerior to that of USA.

Could be. Europe is generally better in the Last Blade 2 scene as well.
More than one person’s brought up this Fuzzy guy already, so I’m assuming he’s pretty bloody good.

Fuzzy was the winner of the European ST Tournament on kaillera a few months ago. You can check out the results here.

Unfortunately i missed that one cause my comp broke during sign ups :frowning:

BAH, I owe you a super special t-hawk double bounce windmill piledriver for that.

LOL, i doubt i will make it that far.

Well I guess this tournament will really decide who is better, but i can the lag excuse already rearing it ugly head

Well, tournaments are never really definitive and online ones even less so.
It’s dumb to use lag as an excuse if you get owned like 3-0, but we all know a millisecond of lag can easily cost you a round sometimes. Especially in a game with such a high damage setting like ST.

Really though, I don’t think there’s any need to complain unless it’s a US VS Europe match.