Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Tournament Brackets and Results

Haha, I hate this as well. Mashers irritate me to no end…as well as people who are mashing some sort of throw command while you’re in the middle of a combo/attack string.

The Euro players will lag the American players, so they will probably win in that case. Fighting against someone who has 100+ ping is a nightmare.

Thanks for the endorsement, but ST is really not my game, well certainly not one where I’m confident enough to think I have a chance of winning. Ironically enough I’m more likely to lose to scrub tactics in A3 (a game I feel I’m pretty good at) than in ST where I dont think I’m that great.

Anyways, you would have ruined have your bets if it was single-char cause then I’d auto-die to Vega unless I picked Honda, where I would probably have stuck with O. Gat or Ryu. (and I would have preferred to play Dhalshim on an opposing O. Gat)

I’d like to think that I have a chance at winning this tournament. I know that DGV are kind of against supers, so that might have counted against them in this situation. I also know that they hate playing with any hint of lag in this game, so the DGV thing is pointless to speculate. I’ve not played ST on Kaillera in a while so I’d like to see if there are any good players for ST. I gave up on Kaillera since there weren’t many consistent challengers around. Hopefully this may prove very good to the game of ST. I hope to see lots of good matches.


Dude, you’re my favorite to win, at least on the US side. Haven’t played any of the UK players ever

i know who i’am playing but when i try to look at the brackets,image shack pops up,what’s that about i cant see who’s playing,i did yesterday when i clicked on it
but cuz you’ve changed the brackets today i cant get on there,is there a way

cause its a forum image, i know its a little small but i can see who everyone is playing.

it’s ok i can see the brackets,if i get my telescope out but i can see it just

It’s might little bit late now… but maybe if you run another tourney

:wtf: How did I miss this? :wtf:

My Ryu and Vega would have gone through a few people at least before busting out.


r3ko i can give you space on to host images and pages for this. IM me if interested.

i won my match against BiolloIntrip 3-0

Thanks for the result RushedDown.

Thanks to Moose, we now have higher res brackets so they should be alot large and easier to see.

Too bad the “one char” rule hasn’t been applied, it would have been interesting. Too late now but no problem since first to 3 matches is fairly fast.

I would just hope that everyone tries to stick to that.
No one’s gonna congratulate you for switching to Chun-li against 'Gief.

Uh my opponet is from the UK IDK if he post on here or not?

I’ll try to look for him on kaillera though.

Same here.

Big Boy, I added you to my MSN messenger buddy list. I’m pretty busy today (Saturday) but I’m sure we’ll find some time to hook up this week.

Why not try emailing your opponent, especially if you across the atlantic, and arrange a time from there. If anyone is having a hard time contacting their opponent, post here, pm me, or email what times your avaliable to play and i will contact your opponent for you.

me and high flyer played very close games

high flyer 3

trev1976 [UK] 2

ggs man, very close, didnt think i was gonna win after you beat me in the 3rd round with no life left in your meter to go up 2-1

it was deffinitly high tense wasnt it , oh well , hopefully i can climb the losers table :sad: