Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Video/Text Guide

OK, after alot of hard work we have launched the complete guide in both english and spanish at Fighter101. We will keep updating with more advaced tips like renda cancels and character specific matchups. The guide has a section for each character, an arcade stick section, how to do some of the moves on the arcade stick, pro tips etc etc. The guide was made on the old school Super Turbo but 98% of the footage shown in the videos can be applied to HD remix. Anything that has been changed in HDR, has been noted on the guide to avoid confusion.

If you have questions about any of the tutorials you can join the forums and we will help you out with asap.

Here is the link to the guide:


What a nice site!.. been checking all vids and tutorials.

Watching the Bison video, I kept laughing when the spanish part said “combo con malabar”. In france Malabar is a brand of bubble gum

And it comes with silly comics

Sorry to derail your thread but it cracked me up :slight_smile:

pretty nice if just teaching the basics of the game but most characters have more bullshit than listed on the site. It’s pretty nice though, everything is clearly explained for someone just learning street fighter and there are a couple of bullshit tactics thrown in for good measure. Good Job:)

Edit: @zass is it something like bazooka joe(that hard ass bubblegum that made my teeth feel like they were about to fall out of my fucking mouth?

LOL @ the malabar reference. It’s funny how alot of words are laughing material for other languages. I know a guy from england whos last name is orin and in spanish that means piss.

Anyways thanks for checking the site fellas.

Some of the parts of the guide have been fully updated to english. Now the entire section is translated.

It’s great to see that people are still trying to make the game accesible to those new to the franchise. It is after all dominated by people who have been playing since the original game. The video guides make it very easy to follow too. Kudos.

Yeah the idea was to give new players a more detiled guide on the basics and intermediate elements of the game.

Thanks for checking it out.