super street fighter 2 turbo

I would like to meet all the best ssf2t players to fight on kaillera so let me know at what time, where …have fun!!!

GAMEST :clap:

You need to put a way to contact you up. I wouldnt mind a fight right about now myself.

Kaillera is not suited for ssf2, too much delay. Go to zbattle for that.

Kaillera=mvc and xmen vs st

the SNES SFs on zbattle… they’re sorta fun but I can’t really put my finger on it, but somethings weird about them.

But then on the other hand, I was playing ST on kaillera the other day and couldnt do revesrals at ALL. Then i remembered the lag, and started timing my wakeup moves about a second earlier and it started working all of a sudden. Probably something you can get used to I guess, but it’s hard if you’re not used to it. So I’d probably (grudgingly) agree and use zbattle for SF before kaillera.

thank you guys for yur informations!!!

yeah it’s kinda hard to play when the enemy jumps at you and you need to do a heavy kick for the anti air…

Moves have about 1 and half second delay on Kaillera on a good day

Yo Brain, my psx to usb adapter is coming on Wednesday, so we could get some games on Kaillera then. Looking forward to it. :tup:

And if anyone wants to play me in ST on Kaillera, hit me up on AIM. Screen name is “tupac shankur 21”. I’m on aim on my phone so you can contact me 24/7 and if I am home, I will play.

Never played on Kaillera before so hopefully the connection is stable or at least better than live.

You need to put a way to contact you up.

to contact me at anytime

if yu wanna have some fun so …

yo red-impact… dude, where u been, i’ve been wanting to play you. lol

same with you brain… :slight_smile:

i’ll be back up on broadband august 21st, but i prolly wont have time during that first week