Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Friday @ August 25th 2006 is the projected date. Tournament will not start until all the brackets are filled. 16 people.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (World 940223)

  • Game version: MAME 0.64

  • Game Settings: Turbo 2, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games

  • Losers finals (loser gets 3rd place) will be best 3/5.

  • Winners finals will be best 4/7

  • Winner of each match must keep same character.

  • If both players would like to choose the same side then a random number selection will determine which player gets to choose side.

  • Players may opt to pick double blind

  • Akuma is not banned. Yes he is not banned. Let’s just see what happens.

Sign-up sheet for ST Kaillera tournament. Also, I need some judges, directors to host/watch/fascilitate the matches.

Well you got one so far.

Sorry, I’m always out on Friday. Don’t most of these Kaillera tourneys run on Sundays?

Nevermind me. Can’t take this seriously. heh heh :lol:

Urgh I suck at anything related to SF2, but I might join in. I would suggest to ban Akuma, and put the Turbo lower, the higher the turbo the more people with worse connections will lag.


LOL, loads of people will pick akuma, well out of all the people who have entered…
/me watches tumble weed pass by

You don’t need to know how to play as akuma lol, thats why hes banned, stronger players lose to weaker players using akuma, hes got loads of abusable crap. Sure hes not unbeatable, but all it takes is for one person to know what their doing with akuma to ruin the whole tournament.

And lastly RWD didn’t sign up, he was just laughing at your crappy rules for akuma. I know this cause RWD is a close mate of mine, allowing akuma made for quite a hilarious conversation on msn actually.

Well, I am in. Whatever that means, but I am in. Just post what we are supposed to do next. Thanks.


Intercepter (aka gief Killer)

I’ll join maybe…what time does it start though?

I think he wants to see if Akuma will win or not. If you think you can prove to him that Akuma should be banned, I suggest entering and picking him. I too kind of want to see if Akuma winds up winning or not.

i’m in this so can you help me with the irc or the srkkaillera please

I’m not entering actually, I don’t have the time for games anymore.

Count me in. I’ll use gief and we’ll see if the gief killer can live up to his name :karate:
What time is it gonna be held? I hope later in the evening ( 8 pm central or so), because i have some japanese i need to pwn in soccer after classes.

LOL. Sign up me.

[quote=“aktham, post:12, topic:18120”]

Count me in. I’ll use gief and we’ll see if the gief killer can live up to his name :karate:


I am playing. What time does it start.

Let me in! [/Marrow]

I’m good this time for sure.

Sign me up too

Looks like you got the last spot vs moi. Anywho 10 as in EST or PST? Whats the name for?

I’d join but I have to work that night. I’m not off till Monday and Tuesday nights. fucking wal-mart