Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo

I have a two questions about this game.

1.) Why this game is harder than all the other variations of street fighter?

I can finish most of the other street fighter games on level 8 with the Shotoken characters, get to at least the 5th person with all the other characters, yet this game has me struggling to get past the 3rd person with most characters.

Could it be…

*the timing (speed of the game is faster than hyper fighting in my experience.)
*the addition of new moves for players that makes it harder to anticipate opponent.
*CPU intelligence? Is the CPU just very efficient in execution than previous versions?

2.) Apart from practice,practice, practice- what are some good tips for getting to at least the 5th person (even default difficulty on level 2 is quite hard for me at this stage.)

I use all the characters, some better than others- but my lack of success in this variant of the game throughout time has me annoyed enough to type this out and post in on your forum :wink:

Cheers in advance :wink:


The AI in ST is cheap and most times unbeatable. Remember your fighting a computer. It doesnt fall for mind games and doesnt lack execution. You should try playing some humans. Then come back and ask for tips.

The game isn’t harder, the CPU AI is. The CPU AI isn’t even good, it can just see an action on your part and counter it cleanly without error before yours hits. THe game itself is wonderful, so please dont judge by the single player experience. Get some competition and play real people and you’ll start to see why its still well loved.

as for beating it, it’s all about learning the flaws of the CPU AI exploiting its flaws (CPU Ryu for instance: trys to counter slides with crouching shorts, which trade about half the time in your favor against crouching roundhouse slides from Claw and Dhalsim. Will often stand neutral for a full second or two before doing a random fierce dragon punch; punish it. Etc.) . All of which does not do you one damn bit of good playing a human.

Yeh, the human vs human side is always great on any version of SF2.

Is there anywhere on the net that documents the cpu patterns for each of the characters? This is in the interest of being able to spend more than 1 minute on the machine after feeding it my coins in the arcades (yikes, talk about expensive!)


don’t jump in on guile

don’t let zangeif anywhere near you

Spam psycho crusher to win

I love how Deejay will throw a fire ball then walk then throw a fireball. Or Guile will walk into a flash kick. The computer is programed to counter certin things you do, but some times ill pick claw or boxer and just keep doing walking FP and the computer will keep getting hit by it.

Ya, I can’t get past the 3rd character or so on the easiest setting of the game :confused: