Super Street Fighter 2 Turbu(SNES)


Does anyone remember this great game, are there any web sites that have stuf on it?


I don’t think there is such a game for SNES. As I recall only Super Street Fighter 2 was released. The only thing Turbo it has is the Turbo settings.


it was released on 3do, but not snes. snes stopped with ssf2.


Yeah. No ST for SNES. I remember a friend buying 3do JUST to play ST. Too bad the controllers were complete ass.

Last year i saw SF2:Turbo for SNES at a store for over 100$!!! I laughed my ass off. I even brought it up to the counter and told them good luck selling it.


I sware on my life i owned it, it’s called SSF2T


Are you sure? Could you do super combos in it?

If so, what happenned to it? That would be quite the collector’s item. :slight_smile:


No such game existed, if it did I would have owned it on the day that it came out.

and I rather liked the 3DO version, even the controllers weren’t that bad, better than the DC controller IMHO.


i had to use one of those SNES-3D0 controller converters to play super turbo. Those 3D0 controllers were horrible!


That’s ridiculous. The last time i bought HF it costed 4.95 and the time b4 that it costed $1.10!


SSF2 for $100? I recently found it for $12. $100=:lame:.
Yeah, there was no ST for SNES, but you could probably get a hack on an emulator, but it’d be kinda tricky, 'cause to legally use a ROM you have to own the original game, and if the original game doesn’t exist… well. Yeah.


anyone know were i can get a copy of Super Street fighter 2 turbo of DC? burn copy? etc…


they weren’t that much worse than the Genesis controllers. (3DO controllers).

And apparemtly SSF2T may have came out in japan for the SNES.


It didn’t. That’s a confirmation. Only on 3DO, and the SF collections on PS and Saturn. It was scheduled to come out on 32x, but it never did. If I recall, Super had some special crap inside of it that made it rather expensive (we all remember the 80-90 dollar Super SF2 cart), which, coupled with the crappy sales of the game, made capcom decide to not bother porting ST.


it also came out on dreamcast. That new old skool game is fuck’in tite!!! It owns S vs. C chaos for free!!! It also has the animated movie too:)


Well Uber at the time Super was a 32megabit game, I think that was the largest for it time. Sure the SG one was 40megabit and other games followed Super Mario RPG, Yoshi’s Island and I think Mega Man x3


That the games doesn’t exist could probably be your getout clause…