Super Street Fighter 2 X thread

Post up whatever u want in this thread, strategies, corner traps, patterns, glitches, combo’s, two-in-one’s, tier lists, about SSF2X here ok

hahahaahahah you beat me to the thread. i been playin honda he’s a fuckin beast. to bad he dies to ryu and ken. i got some shit to work on i’ll holla later with some issh for honda

I see him sorta boring but he’s good but I found a Vega combo somehow i didnt know exists off of da claw roll pattern dat only works in certain situations and certain characters it seems so far I think I’m still kinda workin’ on it its

crouching LP/MP into a Claw Roll with MP/HP (advance the strength depending on the first attack), crouching MP were talkin a nice 5 hitter

but I’m seein’ if somethin is possible wit da Scarlet Terror such as a crouching LK into the double Scarlet Terror two-in-one ya know?

what? that’s crazy… were you in the corner or something?

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I’ve got some questions reguarding the the GBA version of SSF2X also knwo as SSFII Turbo Revival. What is up with the AI on this game?! It is either hit or miss and when it is “hit” you get the crap pounded outta you until you’re KO’d. Even on the lowest difficulty I’ve had my rear end handed to me because the AI is “hit” and beats me to a pulp. Are all versions of Super Turbo like this? I want to know because I’m planning on buying the Street Fighter Collection disc on PS1 (whenever I find it) and I’m hoping the AI is unballanced like it is on the GBA version.:mad:

The Super Turbo AI is famous for doing counter-moves and pretty much nothing else. I don’t know about the game boy version, but the arcade version was very predictable - from a certain distance, if you did a certain move, it almost always responded in the same way. Like, every time you did a >forward with Dhalsim, Zangief would do a standing roundhouse to hit it, or every time you jumped in at Chun Li, she’d do a close standing roundhouse.

Since it’s mostly reactionary, it has lots of problems. If you try to play against it normally, it can be very hard sometimes, because it can just do whatever move beats the move you just did. However, it also has major abuse potential, like “do the move that makes them jump, then shoryuken.” It also had major issues with moves that hit first-frame; since it’s almost entirely reactionary, it can’t block them. At all. :slight_smile:

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You can’t play the AI like you would a human… It’s all about the patterns like Goryus said.

You sumed it up perfectly. That is exactly how the AI in Super Turbo acts when it is on “hit.” How is Super Turbo supposed to be the most ballanced SF game if the AI is all screwy? :mad:

Well, I imagine it would be hard to tell from just the game boy version, but when people speak of balance they refer to inter-character balance. The AI doesn’t factor in to the issue, because they’re talking about competitive play, where it’s two humans facing off.

That being said, I don’t know that I agree with it being the most balanced street fighter. Then again, I’m not sure what I’d say was the most balanced street fighter, so, maybe.

Vega combo:

cr.MK, cr.MK ,cr.MP (seriously)

your refering to the jumping straight up into super grab right?

it was in the middle of the screen, done of sagat, im not sure what i did.
i was standning next to sagat, did super, he jumped forward like he was going to go to the wall, but did super instead. i was mashing on punch alot as well
maybe its a glitch but i did not imagine this

Could you get it to happen again? Was it on console or arcade?

Talk about a “WTF!?” moment…

i did this on the arcade version

and ive never got it to work again either

is scarlet terror the flippy kick?

if that the case.
crouch lk, flip kick x2.

or as shown in the tosaka vid,
backwards lk XX fierce roll, crouching short XX flip kickx2

and one time, i managed to do crouch short XX super without jumping off the wall.
vega just jumped foward and grabbed him imediatly

How do u fight akuma in this game?

lose not one match!

All about Chun

She doesn’t have many bad match-ups and has some total beatdowns. Seriously, most well-balanced character in the game, mastering her is another challenge.

Kens glitch do an air huricane kick and do a reversal super and instead it does his huricane kick stuck a little off the ground
(arcade only) :clap: