Super Street fighter 4 AE Problems


Hi guys

I have been looking around on these forums on a while and thanks to it, I have managed to learn things I could not do by myself. Nowt hat I have finally made an account I would like to ask for some help

I started playing ssf4ae for roughly 7 months now. I’ve always played the game consistently ever since and I don’t usually play other games like I used to. My main character is E Honda and I started using him since early Feb, I think? Any ways moving on, I’m always having trouble with ryu/ken when I play online and in the arcades also. I started training for hand slap buffering and learning match ups and such.

Even so, it doesn’t seem to make much difference when I jump on psn when Im done training , I always seem to get bodied by another player who always seems to outplay me. It gets me really demotivated , getting like a 20 losing streak and I don’t feel like ive learnt anything.

If anything would help right now it is a sparring partner on psn. I think that will help me build my motivation for this game right now.

Thanks for your time for reading this.


PSN Matchmaking stuff goes here.

And as for your problems, it would be a lot easier to help you if you have posted video of your matches. It’s difficult to identify the root cause of your loss streaks without seeing some footage. Otherwise I can give you some pretty generic advice:

[]Learn the timing and use of your anti-airs. Not just jab headbutt, but also normal anti-airs. St.fierce, cr.strong, nj.fierce, j.fierce, etc etc.
]Learn to identify patterns in your opponent’s game. Specifically, their fireball patterns, and how they react to you at specific ranges and situations.
[]Neutral Jump. Almost no new player does this, but it’s extremely powerful. nj.fierce lets you float safely over fireballs, and give you a brief window where you don’t have to worry about fireballs, which lets you gain some real estate against zoning characters.
]Focus dash. It’s punishable at certain ranges, but its a great deal to mix-up your mobility options,while building ultra meter.
[]Trades are your friends. As a Honda player, majority of trades are almost always in your favor.
]Learn jab xx hands. It’s his most important tool, and really begins to open up the variety of combo and mix-up options that Honda has. It all starts with jab xx hands.
[*]Limit the number of times you jump at an opponent per round (not including cross-up attacks or knockdowns). This forces you to play a more patient, and solid playstyle, which in turn will help you understand the nuances of dealing with zoning characters.


one thing i liked about the SF4 series is the replay feature. your mistakes are very clear when you’re just watching the match you played. check them out! see where something went wrong.


I think eltrouble told you exactly what to do. I’ll just add my 2 cents. First thing you do: learn jab x hands. Go into training mode or arcade and just do that over and over until it’s easy for you. Doing that offline will keep you from loosing and getting demotivated. Learn jab x hands.


Online is rough, the people who are “good” online aren’t really “good” offline until you get into the really high ranks - getting good against online opponents doesn’t really translate into killer fundamentals. As a whole people online are going to be mashing out SRKs to mess up any dropped combos, they will be jumping a lot (high reward/high risk), and they will rely on crossups more than offline play.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much training you’ve done, going up against another human on the internet is always a rough experience. Take the fact that it’s only 1 game, there might be some lag, and then give the opponent someone with great reversals like Ryu/Ken (even blocking a fireball while walking forward is “hard” online) and you’ve signed yourself up for a rough matchup.

Try to find an Endless lobby to play in, 2 or 3 people just constantly grinding away helps a lot more than one high-stakes match for actual points.


relax, at 7 months your still a baby :slight_smile: friend me Psn id is “ahdonye”


This x10000. I’ve beaten numerous frauds after a few number of rematches. I’d get bodied by stupid flowchart Shotos and eventually wreck them hard several times before they start kicking me out of their room.


Just choose yun. Nevermind i forgot its arcade edition 2012 now, whoops.


Thanks for the help guys, really appreciate it.