Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Kits

'Sup SRK

Can anyone educate me as to how I might go about acquiring an SSF4 AE kit? I’m based in London and have only managed to find US based suppliers of the kits who all appear to be out of stock. Am I right in believing that strictly speaking these are sold only in Japan and are merely imported everywhere else? If this is the case it would be great if someone could point me in the direction of an importer or even explain to me the process of sourcing this directly.

Any help on this, and any other technical information I need to digest on the matter, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


IIRC the only way to get it would be import it from Asia, and I think they’re “made to order” and most sites will probably list them out of stock and to contact them.

Your going to need to act fast cause most sites are currently taking pre orders for the next March shipment. Word is that the new kits will finally allow head to head play with only one kit. Site’s overseas you might want to try. (Middle men based in Hong Kong) (Based in Australia, probably your best bet)

I can add JP distributor if you like as well. Good luck

Thank you both very much for your responses.

@G.O.G. - that would be a great addition if you could supply the JP distributors, particularly if time is of the esssence!

Thanks again.


SOPHIA Corporation
River Service Corp
Fujita Communications LTD.

So apparently I was mistaken on the deadline. I thought it was this weekend not yesterday. It’s only a day tho their still no harm in asking around. Man that went fast, announced and ended the same week.

Does that mean if someone had the funds now they would still have no choice but to wait until a pre-order ‘batch’ was made available? Or theoretically could one of your quoted suppliers provide on request? I’m guessing this is to do with the pending updated vs release that arcade proprietors and such are holding out for.

I’m at work so i cant make good on the information you’ve provided until the close of business.

Basically this. Some distributors might still take your order, however you’ll have to speak with them directly. If not than your kind of SOL until March were their might be very few made available, but I wouldn’t count on it. It’s a shame they gave so little time for pre orders. I might have event caved in. Sorry I can’t be more of help.

You might actually want to try contacting Fubarduck. He’s a operator in the US who has better knowledge then I when it comes to this stuff.