Super Street Fighter 4 BBQ Plus Bonus August 21st 2010


First And Foremost I am not making any profits off of this…
This is strictly for the love of the game…

256 N. Columbus Ave
Freeport N.Y. 11520
If have any questions
Contact Info-5162557081

Date-August 21st 2010

The end of the summer is near , Evo 2k10 is finished till next year…
So i decided to throw a BBQ casuals with the possibility of a tournament assuming everyone shows up…

where here is the break down
$10 fee-covers food for the whole night(Hotdogs,Hamburgers,ribs,steak,Chips,Liquor,beer,pizza,)

Now Considering that this is at a back yard of a house, Room is limited
so i have 20 Slots open.Please only if you are sure you can make it should you put your name down…

now as far as the Tournament Possibility…
I want to have at most 35 ppl
assuming that ,it will be $5 on top of the $10(which covers food)
1st Place-$100
2nd Place-$50
3rd Place-$25
---------------Not bad for a BBQ
I have thrown one of these about a week ago and it came out pretty good…

Ps…There will be atleast 4 setups for SSF4 …Plus there will be 2 Madden 11 setups for money matches…I also have pics of the last one so if you text me or call me about it i can send you the pics… Thank You …I would like to see sanford,yipes,and other top players…we’ll see what happens…GET HYPE


I’d love to come, but i do not drive and would need a ride. Anyone willing to pick me up? I live in Brooklyn, and wouldn’t mind throwing down a few bucks for gas.


im sure we can arrange sumthing…text me ur number…so i have it to keep u posted


I’m there If everything works out the right way.


should change this cause On Blast is the same day and i’m sure everyone will be there instead.


oh yeah, true. And I am going to On Blast.


my bad …i didnt even realize that…


im in there…mos def