Super Street Fighter 4 Fightstick questions...?

Hey guys, I just got myself a SSF4 Fightstick from Madcatz (The black one with ryu on it). I tested it out myself and it seemed pretty legit, although I have concerns about it. You see, It is used and I am worried that the stick itself might have been modded somehow. How can I tell if the buttons are Sanwa/Seimitsu quality? Joystick also. Also, when I move the stick upside down I hear something rattling. I am a total newbie at fightstick as this is the first one I used in my life O.O. Thanks for your help!

get a torx driver open it up and take a picture. If you bought a TE its gonna be sanwa.

here is a picture of the joystick

The buttons will look like this

you would have to open it to find out. You can do it the slick way i think by getting a wrench and taking the 6 screws on the top of the stick out. You can lift the plate and bezel if you will and take a quick peek to see what is making the noise. To check if they are sanwa, you will still have to open the case via the way i told you or the other way but taking it(case) apart from the bottom.

You will notice a warranty sticker on the bottom. if it isnt there or tampered with, then its a possibility someone was in there. Then once you are in just take the connectors off each button and they should say sanwa on the bottom of them. then just do everything in reverse and put it back together

Thanks for the reply, but is there anyway of telling without it being opened up? If theres no way then I will resort to that but Just wanted to know if there was another way of telling because I don’t want to void the warranty.

open the case from the top via the 6 hex screws and you wont void the warranty. but look at the bottom first and see if that warranty sticker is tampered with. easy indicator that someone messed with the inside.

if this is the TE stick. the big one. the warranty stick is on the center screw on the buttom. you can verify the parts but opening the case from the top. you wont technically void since you wont actually be tampering with the sticker but you will have to open the case to see the buttons and what is making the rattling sound. 6 screws to just pull the top some. DO NOT PULL it out since all the wires and all are connected. gently pull and peek.

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