Super Street Fighter 4 Fun Lobby



Jus Wanna Train & Have Fun Add Me
Gamertag: z Logiks


I consider myself average to slightly below average. I can inconsistently hit links with characters I’m comfortable with, but I prefer playing multiple characters. I love doing random battles, as well. I want to get good with Dee Jay, Gouken & Seth, but I do pick a variety of the cast.

I wouldn’t mind playing some casuals, if you’re up for it. If I wind up either sucking or if I’m not what you were looking for, don’t feel awkward letting me know, lol. I won’t get offended. No mic (not sure if it matters to you.)


I feel you guys, jim what is your GT?


I’m down


jim784m IGN

I sent an invite.

Also GG’s to logik


Well I’m hoping to get some matches with anyone here
I hope there’s no prob if I send u guys a request
My gt is DirtyNo0bEx