Super Street Fighter 4 Good Games PS3 Thread

I saw a thread over in the Xbox section and was surpised to not see a thread here. Post up the good games you had with the people here or whatever.

Well, since you jumped the gun on a good games thread, I did so for a match making thread. :slight_smile:

GGs to MotherLover10. Kicked my ass hah.

How the hell did you guys get it 3 days prior?

i had the game since thursday

Message me if you wanna play

My GameStop broke the release date early. I guess Corporate allowed only a few select locations to do that, and my store was one of the lucky few.

Bad Games to all the people grinding ranked with their vanilla sf4 mains. Omg you beat the Hakan i’ve been using for one day with Sagat!!! ur so good!!!11


And someone needs to put another sticky about INSTALLING the fucking game. Why does Capcom not force install this game? They do it for essentially everything else.

GGs to TheWhiteDaigo.

It’s going to get a lot worse after tuesday dude. theoretically most of the people who got the game early are a little more hardcore, and know about the install. but come tuesday…

I can’t believe they did this again. What the fuck, Capcom? I may end up buying another 360 because of this shit.

I’m guessing this is where all the hardcore PSN HDR folks are going to be for the foreseeable future. I’m going to miss you guys. I mean, I do plan on getting SSFIV eventually, but I can’t even afford $40 + tax right now…I be po’ folk.

Good games to dbostick and all the people in the endless battles we had. Really fun games.

ggs to SquaLLio, djreign78, ktm0066, VOLTECH, mainspring, Psycho Gorath, ShinWHO, GNX and whoever else I played in Endless. This is officially my new favorite SF game, even over HDR and ST if you can believe that.

Yeah I have to agree, this one is a lot more fun than vanilla 4. I love how they have different modes of play in it.

Listen you! your talking about ranked here, you either play hard or take that shit to endless battle… na I’m joking. I was playing Makoto last night on ranked and kept running into these guys so I had to switch it up with Guile, racked up a 20 some odd win streak then got bored and went to sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea to hell with those guys on Ranked using their vanilla mains while I’m using Dudley. But it’s all good though it’s not like they’re kicking my ass. Man once I get this shit down I might be able to enjoy this game a little bit more. I’m still having fun trying to learn these new chars.

Anyways, ggs to all I played. I can’t remember names, but you know who you are.

lol people caring about ranked… good shit guys.

ggs to dbstock’s room tonight. i play like two good games and then i turn to shit

but… how will people know I’m good unless I… you know win a lot on ranked?