Super street fighter 4! i like


world explodes holy shit indeed!!!

I hope they fix the faces to look less freaky and more like their 2d selves…and don’t come out with another lame fat-bodied character anime that focuses on the damn SNH. Let that angsty, boring shit die. With the addition of Cody, Guy and Ibuki (and hopefully Maki) I just might buy this one.

lmao at a furry criticizing the aesthetics of anything ever

so you still have a crappy game with new characters?

someone tell ono to brush his fucking teeth with a tooth brush instead of a yellow crayon and go make a real fighting game. It looks like that guy has been eating mustard all day.

Lmao at any overly judgmental fuck who thinks someone with anthro av and a healthy love of animation is a furry. Not really sure how that heaps me in with a bunch of anglo homos running around in thousand-dollar costumes and sexing each other in public at comic cons…that’s like calling someone a junkie on their way to an overdose just cuz you see them pop a couple fish oil softgels.


sweet… bring it on… i’m hoping DeeJay and T.Hawk are the shit… wonder who else is gonna make the cut… i’m holding out for Sean… or Charlie…



This will be awesome!

Just thought I’d throw that into the conversation.

oh shit they’re cornering you now Rhio

Shit just got real.

Nice :lol: Okay, that was a good one. I guess SRK is lucky that “which cartoon character would you bang?” thread is now gone. Damn near everyone from before 2005 would be considered a furry by srk standards…that thread was crazy as hell.


We have a better sense of aesthetic than you and your DBZ avatar. (which is by far one of the most goddamn ugly animes ever to be drawn by a guy with a pencil up his ass. And yes, I hated the art style in Chrono Trigger too.)

I thought furries would love DBZ, it had lizard men and people turning into apes among other things. You guys love that stuff right?

Wait…“we”? Dude, I’m not a furry! And Toriyama’s the shit.