Super Street Fighter 4 Logo Wallpapers


I got bored today so i spent a while on photoshop messing around making some desktop SSF4 logo wallpapers (I am that hype about this game). I couldn’t find any online so i just made some. Hope you guys like them. I’m not an expert just messed around with stuff.
All are 1280x768 at the moment. If you need them resized let me know.

Instructions (Most people know how to but some people really do need these):

  1. Click on the thumbnail (image) of the wallpaper you like.
  2. Wait for it to load on the next page and right click on the image.
  3. Click on open link in new tab or window.
  4. Click “Apply as desktop background” if you are on firefox or on Internet Explorer. If on Google chrome right click to save the image and do it manually from your desktop properties.

Other way:
1.You click on the image in step 2 then another image will pop out.
2. you can click on “view raw image” in the bottom left corner.
3. Follow step 4


Nice. Makes me wish I owned a computer.

Har har.


Hur hur.