Super Street Fighter 4, Midnite Release /Tournament 4/27 at Gamerdoc Springfield Pa

1st. midnight release start at 11pm tues april 26th.

2nd. SSF4 release party/tournament Tuesday April 27th at 3pm.

( you don’t have to wait to 3pm to come pick your game up lol)

I will be there at 12pm to set up so come join me if you to play for a few hours and grab drink before the tournament.

Also players Hubbs will be having Monday Madness Gathering, at his House.

Please come show GamerDoc, some LOVE. They support our Community, so help me support their store.

I will be buying 10 copies myself.


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Well if ya’ll are having a release party there then I need to reserve my game up there.

Cool GS.

We’re thinking about a midnight Release to.

I’ll be here, I didn’t reserve ssf4 anywhere yet anyway.

Midnight Release Wouldn’t be bad either. I gotta reserve mine to get it on Midnight if possible?

Thanks guys. The store owner has a great relationship with Capcom so let’s see what happens.

Get the spread the word, lets make this big.

We should also have a All Ken Tournament…Just saying :wonder:

I already paid for my 360 and PS3 copies at a Gamestop but I’ll definitely be by after work that day.

I’m all over this. :slight_smile: It’s gonna be hot!

Damn Zack.:frowning:

This sounds great, but I wont be able make it. But since i live in springfield, ill get the ssf4 stick whenever i can get there.

Let’s go players.

3weeks from now!!!

Save your money up players.

One post the idea you told me about last night.

After you settle on a time I’ll let ya know if I can make it out!

Players you can reserve you copy right here just let me know what system. GAMERDOC.

i say a all new characters only tournament :slight_smile: winner gets a free lunch/dinner on me :slight_smile:

Will guys what do you think.

Someones itching to use dud! this sounds good, even though i cant make it.

In that case, put me down for a copy for 360 E. Also, not to be greedy, but i would like a little incentive for reserving a copy. I dont want finger puppets. (Damn you gamestop!)

Someones itching to dempsey roll the fuck out of somebody!

in that case, put me down for a copy for 360, E. And not to be greedy, but i would like more incentive then some damn finger puppets from gamestop. 10 dollar coupon for chick fil a?