Super Street Fighter 4 Music


All right one thing I was curious about was if this new version of the game would feature new music.

                                                   I allways found most the music in 4's multiplayer stages kind of bland and since they are using the same stages I'm a bit worried the music will not be spiced up. I Feel music has a big impact on fighting games So I wouldn't mind a change. Even if it was just the steller rival music put on the old levels.


Yeah, oh boy, let’s just all agree on something.

How is this even a valid topic to make? We know nothing.

And from what I’ve seen, they actually do have new music in the game.


I Allways hoped for 3-d remakes of the original Street fighter 2 levels with modern versions of the songs


If you watch that video of T Hawk vs Juri, you can hear T Hawk’s theme playing in the background. I’m hoping that they remixed everyone’s theme this time around (VEGA PLZ)


Wow Really? I was watching that and I noticed I heard something new which lead me to make this forum. But I couldn’t make it out or even tell if it was from the same game


Some of the SF4 character theme songs sound too electronic-y for me.

So hopefully they make even better mixes?


Damn you’re a jerk.
You’re not helping the thread at ALL.
I’m tired of dorky jackass know-it-alls like you.

Yea the SF4 music is straight trash.
I like one song (the drive-in).
All the rest BLOW.
I don’t think i’m alone in playing other music while i play SF4.
It just all sounds samey. And the Russia board is prolly the worst music i’ve ever heard for a fighting game.


I hope they go back to 3s style music with a mixture of SF2 classic themes remixed.


I hope they dont go with the 3S route…music in 3S was shit except for Hugo’s theme.


Its all about personal taste and as shit as it might of been to you it still better than the shit we have to endure everytime we boot SF4.


No. :arazz: SF4 is the worst of the worst. Well maybe CFJ.


but, but, Elena’s stage!

“beh ba beh ba beh” (beats in my head)

also, im a big fan of dudley stage

“Beh ne, bana beh ne”

we need more awesome music like that.


character themes >>>>> stage themes

if stages are not character specific; then just play the music of the challenger then or if too many people select Ryu; play the other charater’s theme


I liked some of the music in 3rd Strike, but yeah I prefer SF2 and SFEX music the best (I think it’s only because of nostalgia though).

Regardless of what Capcom goes with, it’ll probably grow on me.


Whoever worked on the SFEX1 soundtrack needs to work on SSF4.


Haha I know right, I think the reason I love that soundtrack is nostalgia but still … There was something so memorable about it. :rofl:






I’ve been playing with the music turned so low I can barely hear it. More tolerable this way.
It’s definitely not lively enough for a fighting game. More suitable for a puzzle game in my opinion.


The SuperSweep regulars: Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Takayuki Aihara, and Yasuhisa Watanabe (Yack).

Except for Yack the rest were with Namco for years and did the music for the first two Tekken games. They do music for other arcade games nowadays (mostly shooting games and many more).

The EX series had excellent music. SFIV music was just terrible. :lame: