Super street fighter 4: News characters



i apologize in advance if this has already been posted but i wanted to share it with you all. i did not obtain this video nor create it. i subscribed to sf4db and it showed up and i was amazed so enjoy


I’ll just leave this here



You do realize…

Nah, I don’t think it’s possible.


Ah, I love this website.


I’m imagining Hannity trying to take on Ryu now.


SF4 Forum is that way. :u:


More threads and leaving more dead.


Tiger up her cunt!


Can people help me understand why anyone would think the biggest SF related news of the year has not been posted hours after its announcement and they will be the first person to discuss it on SRK? I’m not saying this is a mistake only a retard would make, just to calm down and think in the middle of the excitement of breaking a huge story to SRK.