Super Street Fighter 4 Players (Lancaster, Palmdale Area)

I don’t know of many players in the area so I figured I’d post here and try to see how many people in this area play. I’m stationed on Edwards AFB so if any of you are on base PM me.

So far I know of one player Nocturnal SRK, but I know there has to be more. I would like any players to post here where they are located at either Lancaster or Palmdale…hell any other areas close by like Quartz Hill or Rosamond or Edwards AFB.

We can find a good spot to meet up and play and try to build a scene out this way or at least help each other get better.

I travel to Denjin and FFA alot so if any of you are looking to go out that way sometime this will also help for things like carpooling.

Also I dont wanna limit it to just Street Fighter, I play Tekken 6 (not much) and VF5 (alot about the same as SSF4) and King of Fighters, got a ton on of other fighting games too.

I’m in Lancaster and I’ve mostly been hoping to discover a tournament within a hour’s drive from here. I only play SSF4 though…

Do you know anyone in the area who plays, even if its just 1 or 2 other people you play with its a start. I know there has to be more players in these areas.

Sorry, but I can’t help you there :sad: . I don’t really personally know any other SF players.

Frankly I’m surprised that there isn’t more of a SF community here.

im from victorville, but im frequently in the area visiting family and whatnot
ill keep an eye on this thread and hopefully come out to play with you guys sometime.

were having a tourny here in victorville this weekend if you guys dont mind making the trip, we’d love to have you guys :slight_smile:


yea i might have to head out to victorville and see what you guys got:karate:

Bit late here but im also in Lancaster and and I play SSFIV. Im not sure abt Palmdale but theres not much of a scene in Lancaster. I have a few buddies I routinely play SF with (a Ryu/Balrog/Vega/Fei Long) and between us we’ve attended these last two evos, traveled to AI/Denjin for a couple ranbats, went to last years Devastation and attended West Coast Warzone 2. I rly wish there was more of a local scene (Maybe im missing something in palmdale?) but as far as I know Lancaster is pretty scarce. Idk what happened to all the players that attended the Gamestop tournys lst year lol.

I live out here in Lancaster too. I won the gamestop tournament last year at the east side gamestop on 20th street west. I’d be willing to go to some tournys and maybe some West Coast Warzone in 2011. Add me on Xbox Live @ iCoCoA BuTTeR. Or just PM me. I can play casuals and all that.