Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament (Bay Area, East Bay)


San Antonio Recreation Center’s Super Street Fighter 4 tournmanent June 19th, 2010 Saturday 1:30pm
This is a Super Street Fighter 4 Fundraiser Tournament to help kids get involved in sports.
Come by and compete. There will be a $15 Entry fee. Donations will also be accepted.
I will provide one fightstick and one ps3 controller,please bring your on if you can. Super Street Fighter 4 will be played on Playstation 3 console. Come on in and register now or at the door.

Location: San Antonio Recreation Center (look for drive way along the sidewalk)
1701 East 19th Street
Oakland, Ca 94606

$15 Entry Fee

1st place: 50% cash prize

-Double Elimination (Winner/Losers bracket)

-Loser may switch characters, but Winner must stick with their character they just won with.


ill try to make it