Super street fighter 4 Tournament @ tacoma mall

Tuesday august 3, 2010 (8/3/2010)
15$ entry fee
starts @ 5olclock(please show up on time, mall closes @ 9:00)

located @ Place smart sit in arcade in Tacoma Mall(its next to Nordstrom) Last week i came in third, but this week i hope to take it all because we are giving away an X Rocker Gameing chair valued over 200$ for 1st prize, if the list goes past 20 people we have to start the tournament @ no later than 5:00 if u pay early then u are allowed to play in the arcade before the tournament starts, so please come early. for more information check the Facebook and dont be afraid to add us Play Smart | Facebook

PS dont be afraid 2 stop by even if u dont wanna enter, last 2 weeks have been really chill and were else in Tacoma can SF players kick it??

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