Super Street Fighter 4 Upgrades

Well this can be considered as something more of a "wishlist"or whatever, but Im interested to see what the other fei players would like to see from fei in the newly announced update. Here is a few suggestions I think would round his game a bit more effectivly:

-Safe Rekka Pokes: SF2 fei was awesome because if u leaned the timing and range of his rekka’s, u could be safe whilst inflicting chip damage.

-CW Lockdown: SF2 fei was a offensive monster, the new CW’s have completly negated his ability to preasure as effectivly as he did in SF2. This needs to be modified to resemble his old CW’s, his preasure game must return.

-Jumping RH cross-up: We havn’t seen it since SSF2, but damn was it a good move.

-CW’s are a overhead: It sucks they can be blocked by a crouching opponent,thus completly eliminating any fear off fei’s offense. If these can become overheads again, fei will have some more incentive in his preasure game.

-Ultra: Needs a serious buff, overall just a big buff lol.

-Command Grab: Faster start-up,longer range and less recovery.

-Jumping Jap: This move was really good in SSF2T, it stuck out for a long time and had excellent priority…we need to see it again.

-Standing LK: Another move from SSF2T that has excellent priority, it also make for a perfect anti-air vs most people.

-Forward MK overhead can confirm: U should be able to confirm to either a flame kick or even a EX flame kick at the very least…rog has the ability to confirm off a overhead so why can’t fei.

This is pretty much all I got for now, so what do u guys think…what would u like to see from fei in SSF4?

There you go :

I fear they will really flesh out Guy, Cody, Hakan and Juri but kinda “forget” about Fei Long.

He’ll almost certainly get his flamekick anti air-Ultra and maybe a bit faster walking speed - but that’s about it.

Still looking forward to using Ibuki and Dudley as secondaries.

that was dash fixes, this is ssf4 fixes. this is totally different.

Well thanks kind sirs, feel free to delete this thread I’ll bump the old one.