Super Street Fighter 4....where's my character?

Hello everybody. I’ve been around a while (first time submitter). I’ve played MvC2(won a couple local tournies WAAAAAAAAAAY back in the day) CvS2 (A Groove Blanka, Sakura, Rolento) and of course Super Turbo, 3Strike, and a few others. I had played Vanilla sf4 and did pretty well online and against friends with Sagat. To my surprise I start playing with him online again…trying to use his same old tricks…and he’s just terrible…much less damage on a lot of moves and he doesn’t feel like Sagat anymore. I watched the EVO stream(shame about the blink at the finals eh?) and hoped I’d see a character that sparked my interests. I tried Ryu…but I’m not Daigo so …yeah. Rufus just doesn’t seem to be my style and I’m terri-bad with charge characters as a general rule. I’m just having trouble putting my finger down on a character. I’ve tried and tried and tried with Ryu, Ken, Akuma and even Sagat online…but all I’m getting is a beating…who knew my shoto game was just bad now?

Help please?

try Juri or Adon. you seem to like guys that can poke

Wouldn’t chun be the best pick for eye pokies?

Well I mean let’s just throw it out there, not to be harsh or anything, but the reason you probably did so well with Sagat in vanilla is because he was retardedly OP in vanilla, whereas he’s simply a top tier character now, making you quickly realize you’re not as good as you thought you were.

If you enjoyed his playstyle more than you enjoyed just winning with him, stick with him, you’ll start to get back into it. If not, you’ll have to try something new.

People say he’s “terrible” now, he’s not, he’s still a top tier character, he’s just no longer far and away superior to all other characters.

Well it isn’t that I’m bad in general. I can handle most FADC combos and 1 frame links with most characters(with practice obviously)…but I just don’t feel as connected to any of them as I do/did to Sagat. A lot of people play a character just because he has a high finish in a tournament. I played Sagat in ST and in my C-Groove “Let’s Have Fun Team!” with terry and sakura.

I do agree that he seemed uber OP in vanilla. F.HK F.HK Ultra was pretty brutal if you needed it.

I have been playing with Abel some…he seems alright…lots of rolling…makes me wanna break out the CvS2 and roll around on people.