Super Street Fighter II PC


I found a copy of this at a Goodwill, and was sorely tempted to pick it up. There were just two problems… the first is that it was designed for MS-DOS, which modern day computers hate. I suppose I could have used DOSBox to run it, but I really hate that. Secondly, I was worried that it was going to be pretty crummy… not even laughably bad, but just depressing.

Has anyone played this version of the game? Was it surprisingly good, mind-numbingly awful, or somewhere in between? Am I better just sticking with the Saturn game, or the version included on Street Fighter Anniversary?


Only thing good about it was the awesome soundtrack. They’re all CD-audio tracks so just rip those, and be done with the disc


Didn’t this version of the game have 1 button for all punches and 1 button for all kicks? :lol:


I don’t remember it being that bad, but what I do remember is that it sucked to play on a keyboard because of the crappy hardware back then (keyboard ghosting/locking and few compatible joysticks/pads).


Dunno about the PC version, but the Amiga version of SF2 was for joysticks with a single button. Must have been heavily edited moves-wise, but I didn’t know better since I never had a SNES or an arcade nearby when I was little.


probably just best kept as a keepsake.


Well there’s GGPO…


That’s the SF2:WW DOS port. SSF2 DOS has support for six buttons, but only if you used the keyboard or the crappy gamepad that was included (PC Fighter 6, I think it was).

PC SSF2 is basically a stripped down version of SNES port - just single player and versus, none of the extra modes from SNES like Tournament or such were included. It’s only good for nostalgia and not much else.


My bad.


Yeah, if you were considering getting the PC port of the original SSF2, it’s pointless. You may as well get the SNES version, which is in every way better. If you already have Street Fighter Collection, there’s no real reason to get the 16-bit versions anyway unless you’re itching for the extra modes (or you’re sick of the loading times).

Or better yet, skip SSF2 and play ST instead.


Thanks for the heads up. In hindsight, I’m not sure if this was Super Street Fighter II or Super Street Fighter II Turbo. I didn’t notice “Turbo” on the packaging, but on the flipside, I’m pretty sure the manufacturer was GameTek, which I understand didn’t make Super Street Fighter II for PCs; only Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

At any rate, I found the soundtrack “elsewhere” (not sure about the rules here so I won’t elaborate) and I’ve got about a million ports of SSFIIT on other systems, so I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.


I got my PC Fix of Super Street Fighter II Turbo back in JR. High with the Gametek version. I loved it! haha, i also owned the SSF2 by Capcom with the PC Fighter 6. I used that for SSF2T. The soundtrack was great. T-Hawk was still a bitch back then too! LOL


You should be able to tell by graphics.

SSF2 PC has SNES grahpics

ST PC has arcade graphics

ST PC is like the 3DO version, it has arcade graphics, but altered gameplay. But the music is awesome.