Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers with online play Friend Codes


Started a new thread here in the Wii only section of the forums to add SSF2 friend codes:

For those that don’t know, Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers with online play is now available for 800 Wii points ($8) on the Wii Shop channel as of April 26th, 2012, it’s the Sega Genesis version. It has no leader board or BP rankings just friend matches and stranger matches, it is regional so you only play North American Wiis.

Friend code: 2967-4138-7241

[S]Wireless for now, so I’m always one frame or a second behind in lag. Sorry[/S]

I’m on a wired connection now. (6/20/2012)[S][/S]

Playing with a Madcatz TvC stick.

I like to play using 3-4 stars for speed and 1 star for hit damage(lowest damage per hit).


My friend code is

I’m on a wired connection

I’m adding you and whoever else posts in this thread


my code is



hey guys ive been looking for some matches.
I run wired and use a tvc stick as well. my fc is: 1936-6214-1324
hope to see you out there


mattatron , here comes a new challenger, im online


sorry i missed you car, im usually on around noon est


Hey everyone. Looking for opponents as well. I got all your friend codes in this thread. Mine is 2237-2816-1612. See you guys soon! I usually connect around 9pm mountain more or less.


Ill be on for awhile today if anyone wants to battle


Hey everyone,

Totally interested in playing!

I also prefer 3-4 stars for speed, and 1 star for damage.

Friend code: 3353 - 9821 - 1641


Have someone here who want to play SSFII yet?
Heres my FC: 5200-9071-7802
I’ll be everyday logged to battle ^^


Rob and junk added hope to see you guys on there


waiting you for a match


I’ll be on and off this morning so post if you wanna fight


just logged in online !


I can be on in about 20 minutes if you’re still interested


if any of you wanna get your head handed to you just buy a playstation 3 get Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and add me


my FC is 4943-4553-2214. tell me when you get it


add me then, dude


Off topic:

How good is the online in this game guys?