Super Street Fighter II Turbo GGPO Hitbox Overlay


[]Windows Vista or 7
[*].NET Framework 3.5+
Start a match or spec a match, run the overlay, select what you want to view and press the start button. The overlay will not draw until you put the emulator into focus (click on it). If you do not have Windows Aero enabled, you’ll only see a huge black box because you’ll lack the transparency.

You can change the colors and what you would like to view on the fly, no need to restart.


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OK that means I can have macro / turbo / aimbot / safejump bot right?

Let me know ONCE its done. Lastscene would have no chance.

“once”. you mean “once” its done. Sup poopasi? we haven’t’ been talking lately. you mad at me?

I think this is a really great idea Pasky!

I envision an overlay displaying the ghost hitbox of whatever moves you worry about your opponent breaking out during a match that’s visible every moment of the match that those moves are available to your opponent. Hello, gdlk zoning!

Maphacking for ST! Hooray!

Anyone using this would probably suck anyways. Not to mention the difficulty in doing something like that. I mean, theoretically someone could write a fucken AI that would determine all possible moves the opponent is capable of and calculate counters to each one determined by frame data and hitbox data. And since you could read the game frame by frame, you’d basically have a bot with godlike reactions and would be extremely noticeable. Anyone who sucks that bad at ST to do something like this would stick out like a sore thumb. People already use turbos there and they are painfully obvious as it is, not to mention detectable. If someone sucks, they aren’t going to be able to react to “ghost hitboxes” anyways. What good would a tournament level player have in using these, it would only ruin his game at tournaments because he is relying on an aid that is no longer present.

I think it would be very interesting from a theory perspective to create an API for ST so that people could script bots in lua or something. Pasky is that something that is doable? I would be very interested in seeing scripted version of each character playing at their best. We could even have a tournament of bots (like the chess AI tournaments). For one thing, it would be interesting to see what the best character is when played perfectly! Would it be hawk with perfect walkup 360s? O ken with perfect jab DPs?

Pasky is it possible to put in hooks for your program? I’m thinking something like an API where each bot gets
location of each character
hitbox/throwbox/etc locations
life and dizzy amounts

then the bots would input the standard 6 buttons and 1 joystick.

This could be very interesting! I would be very interested in trying my hand at a bot if we had this.

I’m not doing it and no. It’s possible but what’s the point? Go play the CPU on hardest or something.

I was KIDDING about the bots.

I agreed it could be a lot of fun, but if dedicated trolls were to ruin everyone’s fun, it’ll be the end of online ST.

Just think of lastscene except he’s using some crappy characters like o deejay and perfect you every round.

The point for bots isn’t to use them online, more as an excercise in programming and fun to learn about the game.

Make your own then, it isn’t hard.

My exact same feelings. I guess turbo users would either prepare or download lots and lots of macros, with their usual lame excuse of “I could do it if I trained” or “It does not help at all times”. I am confident few players among turbo/autofire users employ macros online (but 3P/K) because they are too lazy to go through the hassle of preparing and adjusting them. And nothing else.

Gonna have to put this on the back burner, I got a lot of work and a semester starting up. The GDI method half works, too much flickering is occuring, since I can’t lock the GDI drawings to the monitor refresh rate and in order to fix it I need to make some low level hooks so no point in using GDI if I gotta get down and dirty anyways.

It’s gonna have to be a directx hook but I don’t have the time right now. So this is gonna be post poned. Sorry.

They would both sit on downback waiting to react to the other bot’s inputs.

anyways good shit pasky. I will never use this cause I’d be too lazy to install and utilize it, but y’know have fun making stuff that 8 people in the world will use.

I would be very interested in this since I invest so much time upping my game with the displays all the time. Either getting these to work as suggested or you could go another route by having the ggpo .FR input recordings work with another emulator as a sort of way to have hitbox display match videos.

Final Burn Alpha Shuffle test version now has lua scripting with the same recording format supported by ggpo but the videos never start out at the correct spot. Either way I am looking forward to this.

U mean it will never happen, sorry about this? u gotta be kidding lol

As usual, you prove your IQ is so low I can trip over it.

Anyways, instead of creating a hook, I went a much easier route and made a transparent form and used a direct3d device and draw on top of that. The downside is it will only work on windows vista/7 with aero enabled. That will be how the cookie crumbles until I write a hook. Not sure when this will be done, just worked on it a bit this morning.

Only thing left to do is read memory from final burn alpha and tell the overlay where to display the boxes.


Fei-long’s portrait hit box is sick.

Good stuff Pasky! Thanks for putting in the time to figure this stuff out and share it with us!