Super Street Fighter II Turbo GGPO Hitbox Overlay

Too bad I already did something similar to this with Breakers Revenge by hacking the game.

Edit: Serious question how hard will it be to set up for the other cps2 games? or is it going to be rewriting the source code type of change?

Well, the cool thing about this method is since there is no actual hook it’s universal, just need to grab the hWnd of any application I want the overlay on. This means this will also work for replays! So I can help out MightyMars for vampire savior. The only thing that would have to change is what data gets read using the ReadProcessMemory API and interpret it differently.


Memory grabbing is complete, as demonstrated by having player 1’s life and super being displayed. Of course this is useless in a real match and I only included it for proof of concept. Just wanted to show that I am able to read the emulator memory and display it on the overlay.


lol, it will make only more input delay

lol thats what Gief said

Implemented my own draw functions, it’s all cake from here.

Why were those two boxes present on the portrait?

-trolls suck-

cuz in soviet russia, boxes hit u, yeah


Just need throw and projectile boxes… :slight_smile:

So far that I know win7+aero is needed, Works flawlessly pasky.

Not quite, I found some anomaly with sim’s stretchy hit boxes, like standing fierce, and some of his kicks

Who needs sims shit? Sim players should learn it the long way.

-trolls suck-

I’m on vista and it works.

I fixed sim’s limbs. Just need to do projectiles.

Throws may not be possible.

It is…done

Released. First post updated

Awesome work. I wonder if you guy could do some features for ggpo directly, ‘cause you seem very talented in all this stuff. I mean, a players’ ranking would kick ass for instance :slight_smile:

like hacking ggpo? :stuck_out_tongue: Ponder wouldnt like it lol

I have added the link to the beginner thread.

As I understand it, it works for the FBA version that comes with GGPO, right?