Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD remix coming to Xbox Live

It’s SS2T with HD sprites.

Click these links or die! <–This is the money shot.

If you keep clicking the next button, there are also some orgasmic screenshots of the new megaman.

There is a short write up available on joystick here:

And for those of you who don’t like to click links, The remade sprites make GG look like shit.

Oh, hella nice.

digs out another 20 for MS Points

Is this for the PSNetwork aswell? First linked screenshot says:

Release platform: XBLA, PS NP

Would definitely suit me better on the PS3, for controls and the fact that Im without a 360 till I can be bothered to buy a new one.

Edit: No matter, Ive actually read the bottom link now :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll be getting this one for PS3 most likely.

ps3 version will be gay as capcom will have to host servers and may close them down one day

stick to 360 version!

the real question is: will Evo2k8 feature SSF2THDR?

Yeah good point, but I wouldnt show any more faith in Microsoft personally for a little while longer, the 3rd broken 360 was a real kick in the teeth! Still a ways to go until the game is released tho, I want a 360, Im just too anxious about buying another one at the mo!

Wow, now this is rehash that makes sense!!!

Kudos Capcom!