Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD

It seems that it’s possible the community will not adopt HD Remix as the standard game for tournaments and will revert back to Vanilla ST.

In this scenario I don’t see the Evo organizers using the Dreamcast version or an emulated version on PC’s, so the the only remaining option is the HD version on PS3 or Xbox 360.

What are your opinions about this version of the game?

Making a separate post for my own amateur observations about the game. From the few sets I’ve played in the last few days and my own memories from the Dreamcast version.

It’s seems pretty much exactly like the dreamcast version. I think the inputs may be slightly easier than the DC version, and definitely easier than the arcade.

The speed seems much more stable than either the arcade version or dc. The only slowdown I notice is the preprogrammed slowdown.

The speed difference between stages isn’t noticable to me.

I don’t know any gameplay changes from the DC version.

The Dreamcast code (used in HD Remix) fixes all related stage slowdown, so all the stages play at the same speed unlike the Arcade version.

Did somebody test this out?

It was discussed on T.Akiba’s BBS years ago, I’ll try to dig it up. I still have my DC somewhere and a copy of SSF2T:FMS.

Ah, that does ring a bell actually. Still, let me know if you find the link.

Why couldn’t they just use the arcade version? It’s not exactly an expensive pcb.

Because CPS-2 sets are much more fragile than say, a Dreamcast.
ST Revision 1 B boards are also becoming rarities.

Because Evo is console only tourney.

is that because thats how the scene evolved (pun NOT intended) when games started getting home releases or is that an actual rule?

edit also, that color pink is pretty hard to read on the srk 09 colorscheme.

Console only was due to people whining about how they couldn’t use their sticks on an arcade cabinet, so Evo went to Console rule. Supergun thing is you want to provide Evo with like 10 supergun setups, when they can just use a 360 and use HDR on Classic mode/correct aspect ratio.

I see.

Why hasn’t anyone really tested classic mode to see if it’s really identical to the dreamcast version?

Because everyone’s busy playing HDR or ST on GGPO.

BTW Mizuki, nice HnG avatar.