Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house

By request, this is the place to discuss all things ST.

See also the Super Turbo section of the SRK Wiki.

If you are looking for “general strats”, it is quite inefficient to bust up in here with questions like “What’re some good Guile strats!?!?” There is now a wealth of footage available online, featuring the world’s best players. Go to, grab some tourney footage, and learn “general strats” that way, so that we don’t have to keep answering the same questions over and over.

Before you ask a question, please make sure it hasn’t already been answered in the Wiki, or in this thread, or in my Japan log.

**T.Akiba’s site** - the best site in the universe for old school Street Fighter data. Unfortunately, the site is entirely in Japanese, but I have done some translations which you can find here.


Jab = weak punch
Strong = medium punch
Fierce = fierce punch
Short = weak kick
Forward = medium kick
Roundhouse (RH) = fierce kick

cr. = crouching
st. = standing
j. = jumping

WW = World Warrior
CE = Champion Edition
HF = Hyper Fighting = SF2T = Street Fighter 2 Turbo
SSF2 = Super Street Fighter 2
ST = Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Before a character’s name, “O.” means “Old” and “N.” means “New”.
O.Sagat = Old Sagat = choose Sagat, then hit Up, Down, Down, Up+Jab
N.Sagat = New Sagat = Super Turbo Sagat
Keep in mind that Super Turbo’s old characters are not the same as they were in SSF2. For example, O.Sagat can cancel his st.Short and st.Forward after two hits, but Sagat can not do this in SSF2.

Not everyone plays on the American version, and some character names are different in the Japanese version, so to avoid confusion, we should not use the names Vega, Bison, or Balrog.

Claw = American Vega = Japanese Balrog
Boxer = American Balrog = Japanese Bison
Dictator (Dic) = American Bison = Japanese Vega

More terms will be added as it becomes obvious that people don’t know what they mean.

You play a crazy Chun. Oh and I liked the glitch MvC video at Evo2k5, the thing is I can also do some of them on MvC 2. Sorry this post has nothing to do with the thread but yea…

I need thawk help vs sim

anyway I can stuff his pokes? Gian made me feel like it was a lost cause on cigarbobs cab at evo

Which version do you (or anyone with lots of knowledge on this question) consider the most arcade perfect (AE picking only ST/O. characters counts)?


why did evo use PS1 version of ST? :stuck_out_tongue: o.sagat and bison are toned down.

I saw Jason Cole dizzy an opponent twice, and go in for a flip throw, and the opponent teched both throws. Is this really the best Dhalsim has to offer against a dizzied opponent? I don’t play Dhalsim, but I wanted some input on this. Is there no combo he can that is more damaging? Why not go into a noogie, then slide/noogie shenanigans? If you wanted distance from your opponent, why not teleport then far standing fierce, or the fireball- far standing fierce combo?

What is your strategy for fighting vega(claw) with chun?

ask NKI about that :]

I remember NKI, you came to gunthers in columbia, didn’t you? Will you please come again, because I was never there, I believe thursday night, and I want a piece of your chun. I know fighting against the computer doesn’t count, but I made it through the whole ST game and even beat Akuma on my first try. I believe I am worthy enough, I mean Josh got to play you :sad:

Wait till you all see the ST 3v3 from evo! To fucking good! I was able to use a video recorder to capture the audio from the croud so the vids should be fairly entertaining.

Thank you again NKI!

That is a really hard match for Hawk. It seems to me that he can really only do two things to get in. When Sim throws a Yoga Fire, j.Fierce over it. This will at least trade with Sim’s limbs (sometimes win cleanly), and you win if they trade. That, or Psychic DP. Of course Psychic DP is pretty hard to land, so you may eat 3 or 4 or 5 limbs before you land one, but once you knock down Sim once (or get any kind of position advantage), you need to kill him right then and there, because you will probably not get the opportunity again.

I don’t know about AE because I haven’t played it much on PS2. I can say though that there is no good home version of ST. Every single version has at least one serious problem. It’s really hard to say which pile of shit is better than the other.

The DC version has characters that are too small, so spacing for everything is different and certain combos that should work don’t. That is my biggest gripe with the DC version, because that affects all characters. There is also a huge amount of time between “Round 1, Fight!” and when you can actually move.

The Saturn version’s characters are too big, plus Guile magically got his CPS1 chain back, so he can do cr.Short->st.Fierce again.

The PS1 version has a lot of small problems and two big problems. The first small problem is that when the opponent has zero life left, it takes two blocked specials to kill them, where it should only take one. Chun Li’s medium upkicks fall WAAAY too slowly, but Short and RH versions are correct. The PS1 version also has the same problem with lag after “Round 1, Fight!”, and Guile also has his CPS1 chain in this version as well. The big problem (according to Kuni) is that the input is different too. Moves can’t be done slowly like they can in the arcade, and also tapping two buttons one right after the other counts as pressing them together, so it’s easy to get accidental lariats. Also, dizzies are messed up. (Characters don’t get dizzy when they should.)

Watson said that Deejay can duck Boxer’s far st.Fierce, which shouldn’t be possible, but this is not true. After I got home, I tested the arcade version and the PS1 version side by side, and the range is the same. Deejay definitely can not duck under Boxer’s st.Fierce, except from far range (but that’s the same in the arcade version).

Justin Wong complained to me that O.Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut does less damage, but again, this is not true. I tested it side by side with the arcade version, and there is no noticable difference. What he may not have realized is that ST (the arcade version) is a very random game. The same moves don’t always do the same amount of damage. Choose O.Sagat in the arcade version and do five Tiger Uppercuts to the opponent. Sometimes that’s enough damage to kill them, sometimes it’s not. It’s random.

If you’re not referring to the two points above, how are they toned down?

The reason PS1 was chosen is because at the time, the only differences I knew of were the lag before the round, Chun’s medium upkicks, and Guile’s CPS1 chain. If I had known about the input differences and dizzy differences, maybe we wouldn’t have used the PS1 version.

Japanese Dhalsim players usually do noogies, or just straight Yoga Flame (does decent damage, knocks down, allowing for more free block damage).

Turtle it up. Chun controls that match on the ground because lightning legs beat all of Claw’s normals, and upkicks beat his jump-ins. He has to take it to the air, so it becomes a guessing game between wall dive, punch wall dive, and wall dive fake-out. Chun has an answer for all three, but you have to guess right. If he does real wall dive, just do jump back medium kick. (Or if he tries to do real wall dive off of your wall, just air throw him before he gets to the wall.) If he does punch wall dive or wall dive fake-out, just fireball him. Please note that my match against DSP at Evo2005 (battle for 5th place) is a perfect example of how to NOT play that match. If anyone (Spence?) got my matches against Tokido on tape, that is a much better example. Also, I think I have my matches with DSP during the 3rd (private) ST tourney on CigarBob’s cabinet, and that’s also a much better example of how to play that match. If that got recorded (which I think it did), I’ll up it.

Yeah, I came down for the get-together a week ago or so, but gas is way too expensive for me to be taking a bunch of random road trips just to play ST. If you want to come up to STL, I own an arcade cabinet with ST, so we can play here.

No, thank YOU SIR!! Your cabinet was the best part about Evo for me (and a lot of other peeps, too). Currently encoding the ST footage. I’ll let everyone know when it’s done.


I may actually take you up on thatin the next month or two. Youll own me up completely for a while, but I learn quick.

If all the versions of ST are flawed, why not just use modded Xbox’s and Arcade ST for next years Evo?

Then again I could see how that would be a problem w/ legality, converters (2 magic box per Xbox wouldn’t be cheap), Expensive modified Xboxes, etc.

BTW CigarBob, what are you running inside your cabinet? A pc or an Xbox? That shit really was the coolest thing at Evo, I remember catching some X-men Vs. Street Fighter, that game is really entertaining when you watch people who actually know how to play it. A couple people were making comments like how it’s a better game than MVC2.

parry: its a supergun, fuck all that fake emu bs =)

Didn’t that have like 5 shelfs for 5 different systems including Supergun? Like SNES, PS2, Saturn, DC?

To the point of moves doing random damage I do concur with that. I’ve noticed that in A2 definitely as well as the first EX game.

I dont mess with EMU’s when I want to play serious. I own the arcade boards for ST, XvSF, A1,A3, Vampire Savior, SF2:HF, MSH. I am looking to buy a 3s and 2i as well.

Thanks to every one for all the kind words about my cabinet. I put in a lot of hard work in to it and I appreciate it.

I for one can say that an AE all ST cast wouldn’t be very smart. The hit boxes are all screwed up in that game. In ST Ryu and Ken can stuff projectiles at a closer range but in AE its as if their extended hands get smacked before the fb animation even finishes.

The only solution to the problem would be go to back to arcade support for ST or have really good emus running.

Fei Long in AE is totally screwed…I went back and played ST and Fei is so much better in that game because his Rekka animations are different(in terms of hitbox properties)…

dont sing it! bring it! think its a game! :cool:

whens the next ur free Mr.EVO?

teach me XvsSF! :crybaby: pretty pllllz!

Awesome, thanks. From what it sounds like, either actual ST cabinets or Superguns sound like the way to go.

Like I said in the Evo thread, I was suprised to see PSX ST getting picked (even though I’m wasn’t familiar with the differences) since the PSX hasn’t had a good history of Arcade Perfect ports.


sexy waiting for footage