Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house

Hmm, I didn’t think about it not moving pixel-by-pixel. That makes sense, especially in conjunction with screen scroll, which would adjust the way it connects on hurt boxes.

I don’t think any super that connects should be able to be blocked. That’s just poor game design. It’s like the one advantage N.Ryu has over O.Sagat, and it’s basically useless as long as O.Sagat keeps track of his on-screen positioning and where the stage corner is.

A few of the differences between playable Akuma and Shin Akuma.

So that’s the hitbox HDR akuma inherited (shin akuma)?

Also I thought the regular akuma can already send the opponent flying with his regular fireball (like ken’s command round house). What’s special about shin akuma’s red fireball?

The damage. Both of those screenshots show the opponent after fully eating one fierce red fireball at full health, top one is regular Akuma, bottom one is Shin. Notice how the bottom one took over twice as much damage.

How were you able to play shin akuma if it’s not the DC version?

A combination of a patch made by someone on 2ch and my own messing around with the code.

One of the lesser-known details of SF2’s system is that there’s a sort of auto-handicap function that kicks in when a player is behind in rounds. It factors into all the damage they do (and maybe how much damage they take, can’t recall offhand). I had noticed before messing around in MAME that the adjustment to this handicap value wasn’t always the same, and figured it might be determined by how badly the player lost the round that put them behind, or something along those lines. Turns out it’s just entirely random, like so many other things in SF2. If you’re behind in rounds, it gets randomly boosted by anywhere from 0 to 8.

That’s random??? I always thought it was fixed. While getting the damage listings for the several attacks, I bothered to get the difference for all throws (other attacks vary, too, but it would be too much of a mess to gather all that data) and never bothered to test several times and maybe try to win a round by a small margin.

Every single attack damage value has its own table of numbers to choose from according to the handicap level, so it could very well be that throws’ tables are all set up to where any handicap value over the default results in the same damage. I haven’t really investigated it thoroughly yet.

Here’s the complete list of differences between Normal Akuma and Shin Akuma (as far as I’ve been able to figure out, at any rate):

  • Close s.HK has smaller head hurtbox on first active part. (Regular Akuma’s head hurtbox is clearly glitched here, it’s way back behind him. I’m guessing it was probably supposed to be the same as Ryu’s.)
  • Far s.HP has a fatter/taller hitbox.
  • c.HP has smaller head hurtbox on first active part.
  • All jumping punches, as well as neutral j.LK and j.MK have no leg hurtboxes for the entire duration of the moves, including recovery time spent falling.
  • Neutral j.HK, and diagonal j.MK and j.HK only have a leg hurtbox during the active phase. It’s missing during startup and recovery.
  • Hadoukens have shorter startup (7 frames VS 10), 2 frames of startup invincibility, and hurtboxes don’t move forward during startup (they stay the same as the idle pose)
  • Shakunetsu Hadoukens have 4 frames of startup invincibility, hurtboxes don’t move forward during startup, and the medium and hard versions do much more damage (over double that of normal Akuma’s).
  • Air Hadouken hurtbox is extended for a shorter time, it’s only extended on the animation frames where his arms are actually extended. He throws two projectiles at once rather than just one, and the medium and hard versions do more damage.
  • Medium and hard Tatsumakis have more spins (4 and 5 respectively, same as N. Ryu). They also do more damage than normal Akuma’s, albeit only the spin part (startup knee does the same).
  • Air Tatsumakis do less damage. Go figure.
  • Medium and hard Shoryukens do more damage.
  • Ashura Senku is invincible for the entire duration, no vulnerability on recovery.

Streaming RIGHT NOW!!!

Starcup Gaiden Carnival Eve

Where exactly is space shuttle shiogama?
Apparently it’s not in Shiogama city (Miyagi Prefecture)

According to

it should be in Chubu

Haven’t seen ARG for a long while.
Shogatsu is crazy good. Is he from tokyo area or chubu?

I’ve seen him on GSV but he has been playing in the last few starcup events in chubu.

I believe ARG is not from Tokyo or Osaka, which is why he rarely shows up in streamings. He was around at some majors recently, such as Thunderbeast Cup and X-Mania.

Shogatsu is from the Kanto area: he devastated the foreign team in the last team battle against Kansai + Chubu.

Scrubby tournament:

I want to wish Super Turbo a belated happy 20th birthday. I’m a guy in my upper 30s and remember the times ST came out in arcades all across NYC in every big arcade in 1994 during my high school years. Cheers

What a year 1994 was. Console gaming, Crts, 90s movies, 90s music, heck Vhs tapes.
I play this at work every now and then with all the memorable 2D games that many fans experienced to enjoy including with gray hair on my sides now.

so i forgot to post this but it seems like jp thinks oguile is really weak

at evo 2k12 mao was surprised i picked him and asked if he was my main

at akiba hey people did a weird look when i picked o guile when I looked around real quick


He is pretty weak, but still fun to play. N.Guile has most of what he can do, plus more. Sure, being able to backhand or st.short while charging is nice, but doesn’t factor in that well in his matchups. It’s not worth losing hop kicks, a crossup, and a super you can combo into.

iono im more successful with oguile than reg guile maybe because im fucking shit lol

I just think it’s a matter of what you’re used to. I like playing that traditional CE/HF style of Guile, so I like using O.Guile from time to time. N.Guile’s a very different animal. He has a lot more mobility and some different AA options in his matchups, which takes some getting used to.

What’s the official verdict about the connection to boxer Mike Bison and Mike from SF1?
After doing a search about it, it’s vague.