Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


Battosai are those your cars? Which kind are they? For me, I’ve been doing well against Akuma players on GGPO. Seems like they don’t know how to use Akuma to make them broken or I just that damn good.


Gotta say it kinda grinds my gears that Evo has an old Smash game in their official lineup but doesn’t have anything for ST. Maybe it’s because kuroppi and everyone else involved with ToL/ToL2 did such an amazing job, but with him stepping down it would’ve made it easier to integrate back into Evo…

Regardless, I know there’s some stuff in the works and some Japanese presence this year assuming there’s an event, so I’m planning to make it out to whatever there is. It’s the only reason I’ll come south of the border :wink:


The problem with ST at large events isn’t lack of effort, it’s setups. No one can afford to have arcade perfect ST at events larger than like 50 people. If you hold it on HDR classic people won’t come.


Ugh. We have no one to blame but ourselves (and Capcom for not giving us a digital SF2 compilation release yet). Shit, we could even get a bunch of Dreamcasts and Toodle’s disks together and lend out DC adapters/Cthulhu sticks if that would assuage the “no CPS2 no play” whiners.


I agree with this assessment. Having the standard be arcade-perfect ST is a BIG issue for TOs. We’re lucky to have them at Evo, but this primarily due to the fact that we have a lot of TOs in California and in Vegas who have access to this equipment. The rest of the country is largely boned. VERY few people are willing to drop $500+ for arcade ST.

Even then, there’s the issue of gathering enough DC setups and sticks (the main problem) to hold ST. This is largely why the Undamned options are so attractive. We can let the players bring whatever modern sticks they prefer, which puts less stress on everyone involved.


OG SRK here. I miss those days:


Streaming right now.


The wiki mentions that you can choose a glitched version of claw who can store Scarlet Terror charge. How? Press strat when you spend the coin and keep it pressed? Choose the character with start, or what?


That is for Hyper Street Fighter 2 (or Anniversary Edition/AE as it is also known). Before selecting the Super Turbo option, press and hold start and then press a button to select it. This will give you the unfixed (read: better) versions of Vega, Chun, and Honda.


#buffclaw keepo
So this isn’t a thing on the ST ROM, I take it? Is the default flip kick glitched or fixed in that?


There technically are ST ROM revisions that fix this, but I believe only the Dreamcast version has it. The DC version also lets you select the version of the game without the glitches fixed so it doesn’t really matter.


Is it a thing in the Jap Fightcade rom?


No. All four Super Turbo arcade roms (World/Asia, North America/Europe, South America, and Japan) have access to the main character glitches: Honda/Chun storable super and ochio, Vega storable upkicks, First frame attacks connecting on characters blocking 50% of the time (mostly only useful to O.Ryu/O.Ken) and Ken/Sagat/Sim not being able to reversal super. Japan rom has the Gief neutral jumping headbutt causing instant stun, the World rom has the O.Gief HK Suplex reversal glitch, and the US rom (and maybe others??) has the O.Honda throw freeze glitch.


So that’s what happened. I was playing as O Honda and he just froze in his throw animation kinda like Guile’s statue in World Warrior. This happened like 8 or 9 years ago


I’ve encountered the O.Honda throw freeze glitch on Japanese and American boards, not sure about the world version/ROM.


does anyone still have the pre jump frames for each character?

looking for old data but not available anymore:


The SRK ST wiki has 'em:

Edit: Uh, maybe it doesn’t. Thought it did. That’s odd.


wall dive vortex 0:53
Is there legit no way around this shit? I hate gimmicks in any fighting game the better player can lose because they guessed wrong.


They’re powerful tools, especially Vega’s, but in many cases not completely unstoppable. As usual, the general advice of “play perfect, don’t get caught in them in the first place” applies here, but otherwise, I’ve got some notes:

Honda’s ochio mixups are strong if he’s close. Most characters have tools to prevent Honda from getting that close, so usually the ochio is his way of winning very difficult matchups or expediting matchups he already wins via his very strong defensive tools and hands. The usually way to counter them is to use a strong reversal against the “tick” attempt, e.g. uppercutting the cr.jab or the jump in or whatever it is. In the corner, it’s extremely strong, since he can repeat it again, but again the key is to counter throw or uppercut the tick.

Hawk’s throw loops are extremely powerful. Fortunately, only a handful of people actually know how to pull it off consistently, so it’s not AS serious a threat at Honda or Vega’s wall dives, which are often effective against beginner- or intermediate-level players. The best way to get out is to either bust out a lot of reversals to mess up their timing, or jump out depending on the character you use and the range at which they do the neutral jab. At max range, there’s a small gap between the jab and the grab itself, which lets characters get out via a counter poke or jump or super or what have you. This is true of Dictator, as he has very few jumping frames, so he can jump out outside of corner traps.

Vega’s wall dives are always a problem. Fortunately, anyone with a decent reversal can get out if they have good execution and timing. There are several methods you can use to perform an autocorrect uppercut, depending on the direction in which Claw does the attack, but isn’t a guaranteed out. Good general advice: just block. It’s technically just a 50% effective ratio, so be sure to concentrate on your neutral game as well to prevent getting caught in the first place.


Thanks for the help bro. So do frame perfect counter throws beat tick throws and command throws? Is losing the ability to tech throws worth playing Oken over Nken?