Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


This is a great thread, but this is an idea for the moderators: Move parts of this thread into character specific threads in the “Other Games” section of the site. There is some absolute golddust here for any ST player, but you have to read through many pages split across two threads to get it. I think there should be a “complete” thread for every character, similarly to how it is laid out in some of the 3S sections. You could have “The complete Chun-Li ST thread,” for example. Put a description of all her move-sets and strats, and then deal with character specific match-ups. Granted, you wouldn’t get as much traffic as in this thread, but it would make things a LOT easier.

Maybe you could then keep this thread and in the first post just put a “linker” to every one of the “complete” threads.

Anyway, back to the spirit of this thread: I have a question, how do you deal with O.Sagat with N.Ken? Those tiger shots are so much faster than Ken’s hado’s. If I can get close enough I can psychic DP his long limbs when he throws one, or I can get in and Knee-bash throw shenanigans, but it is just really hard to get close. Even Ken’s air hurricane is owned by Sagat. Any tips?


Question, how do you combo guile’s super. I’ve been trying to cancel crouch strong into it, but it just aint happening.

I’ve tried:
1.strong xx cdb, df, db, uf+K - super comes out too late and doesn’t combo
2.cdb, df+strong, db, uf+K
3.cdb, df, db+strong, uf+K
These two just end up as strongs cancelling into flash kicks.

I also tried changing the last part to ub+K cause its quicker but still nothing. Whats the proper method of cancelling crouching strong or any other crouching attack with guile into super?

Thanks in advance


haha wtf i can never get guiles super off :((( I tried my hardest doing a ‘smooth motion’ like

cdb, d, df, d, db, d, df, f , uf + k that doesnt work :frowning: am i going too slow?


it’s that one, except hit ub+k insted. I like to kinda roll the stick from df all the way to up back (like a half rotation) hitting strong half way, i find it easier that way.

so the motion would be…cdb, df, d, db+strong, b, ub+k.


Thanks alot, its working now, with some practice i’m sure i’ll be able to get it off fairly consistently, the damage it does is deals out is impressive.


It’s much easier (and more practical) to do 2 d.LKs or d.LPs into it. You can also hit-confirm this way and do it after crossup j.LK.

d.LP x2, super flash kick motion+LP~HK
d.LK x2, super flash kick motion+LK~HK

I think it’s kara or renda cancelling or something… meh, whatever it is, it is MUCH easier than straight up cancelling.


NKI, JSJ, Sabre, whoever, can you guys suggest a character to start with for a begining player? Every time I play this game I feel stupid, the game doesn’t sit well / feel right with me, and I’d like to remedy that. I’m not looking to win tournaments, just have some fun with it is all.



well a gurly man like yourself should play with chun li.


OG Ken is pretty simple.


Claw and Boxer are both ownage, not saying that you should start with them just saying. :tup:


This game is alot more dependant on normals and knowing what beats what than much anything else I played, I’ve noticed that much.

I am leaning towards Chun-Li though.



Dictator (Bison/Vega) is pretty easy to use IMO, and more than anything he is FUN!!!


fools are lucky i wasnt in the 3on3


how come gian wins every throw battle against me (and not against nuki)?


And how come NKI is the goddamn sexiness? Besides playing XvSF, I am a psychic. Behold:

What’s up Buk? I’m Victor, I met you playing random a3 and st matches in Valle’s room at like 9 am. Good shit dood. Too bad you’re a bully.




No Vietnambush for you this year, huh? =p


Ok… I have to ask this… NKI… what the hell was up with the character selection in Top 8 this year?

4 chuns? (you, buk, nuki, tokido) (even though I saw tokido use Vega too)

What the heck was with that? I know Chun’s pretty good… but isn’t she strictly mid tier in this game? (dhalsim+bosses=top, then come shotos+ dee jay).

And the counterpoint, where was O.Sagat? Chun’s most feared counter character?

And, my friend Billy was discussing the Vega “soft ban” in Japan that people have talked about. Which made me think that when I went to Japan, I saw vega’s being played (a really cheap CE vega at MORE). Is the “soft ban” thing really true? I’m starting to think not.

Thanks for your time


Actually I think dictator is one of the harder characters to use at first. He has nothing abusable at all.

Easy players to start with, I would say DJ is pretty easy. He has an ansti-air special, a fireball, decent normals, a crossup, etc. OG Ken is a good choice, any Ryu is a good choice. OG Boxer is a good choice as well. (And OG Boxer is pretty good to boot, very underrated.)


how is og ken diff from new ken? also, other than knee bash trickery and short short super, what is new ken good at? (i’m picking him up)

i’m also picking up feilong, any tips with him other than whoring lk firedp?


Maybe better cross-ups

Anyway, ST is the dogs!


I need help on a ryu vs fei long matchup I have no idea what to do in that situation and in short, I got raped by sabre in my ST pool last week.